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Wednesday 19th June 2024:

A Right Pretty Meeting, Forsooth!

The expression "forsooth" is archaic; used by the Visiting Master Tom Cawkwell when addressing his long-suffering Secretary, it means "in truth" or "indeed" or, in contemporary parlance "to be fair." The occasion was a Daggards' production of Writing the Minutes, where, on the night following a 1765 initiation ceremony, the Right Worshipful Master was trying to assist the Secretary in compiling the minutes. He was joined by his Senior Warden, and the two of them were more succesful in emptying the Secretary's wine decanter than contributing to the literary process.

It was well appreciated by the Brethren and visitors. W Bros Tom Cawkwell (RWM), Craig Maurier (SW)} and Eddie Wildman (Secretary) were appropriately clad in 18th Century costume; the assistant Technician, Neil Armstrong, providing sound effects and operating the screen with images of the 1765 ceremony, conceding the link between twenty-first and eighteenth centuries contented himself with a tricorn and wig.

We were pleased to have the Past Provincial Grand Master in attendance; another visitor, Brother Peter, had travelled from Solihull. Regretably, there were few Phoenix Brethren there. It marks a growing trend in these troubled times, and the Senior Warden asked in AOB before the closing of the Lodge that a committee meeting be arranged to discuss surrendering the Lodge's warrant.

Despite this not unexpected move, it had been a convivial evening in the upper room of the Sailmakers' Arms, in the Old High Street, Hull, and the author of the production thanked the team for their sterling performance - especially Tom, who made his debut appearance that evening. ("Stunning," said one of the visitors.) Congratulations to the Phoenix WM, W Bro Peter Kenyon-Brodie for asking the Daggards to perform - be assured that the show will reappear elsewhere later in the year!

(Neil's report is on the KIngston website for this date.)

Eddie Wildman


Friday 14th June 2024:

Second Degree Tracing Board at de la Pole 1605

The Worshipful Master of the de la Pole Lodge 1605, W Bro Peter Frank Clark, is a very softly-spoken gentleman and as I am becoming increasingly deaf, I decided to put in my hearing aids. I was now able to hear him clearly! Unfortunately, all the other sounds were magnified as well; the gavels sounded like pistol shots and the Brethren singing the opening ode sounded like a massed choir. Bro Ian Fuller, standing in as Inner Guard was like a Sergeant on parade. I persevered, now able to hear the Secretary telling us that the minutes had been distributed.

The main business of the evening was to hear a presentation of the 2° Tracing Board by W Bro Martin Clark (no relation to the WM) which had not been delivered in this Lodge for some years. Martin arrived in the nick of time (unlike the previous night - see the article below) and took his place on the dais. The Lodge was opened in the Second Degree, the Tracing Board unveiled, and we were treated to a superb performance. Bro Carl Proctor, Master Mason of Kingston Lodge 1010 was paying close attention as Martin enlarged upon the esoteric aspects figuratively limned and on display; he'd made a special effort to be there and it was his first solo visit. (He gave greetings like a veteran at the end.)

W Bro Martin Clark was applauded for his superb presentation. His performance was all the more impressive as on the previous evening, he'd delivered the 1° Tracing Board to Thesaurus Lodge 2891.

Greetings were given, and the Junior Deacon, Bro Mike Kelly announced he was creating a WhatsApp group for the de la Pole Lodge. This met with warm approval.

I took a photograph of the Clarks before going downstairs. Martin is the taller one.

The braised beef at the festive board was beautiful; I'd removed the hearing aids and was no longer swamped by noise; Bro Fuller sounded normal again! I struggled to hear the WM, however. Perhaps next time I'll just use one hearing aid.

Only two toasts were submitted, and the conversation round the table was vibrant. W Bro John Taylor, having reached the age of eighty-five, was treated to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" by the Brethren. Martin Clark won a bottle of wine in the raffle.

Bro Proctor offered me a lift home, for which I was very grateful. "I'll be able to write up the blog before bed now," I said. And here it is.


Eddie Wildman, organist.


Thursday 13th June 2024:

Even Jove nods

Thesaurus 3891

W Bro Matthew Hunt opened the Lodge with the usual Masonic flight check and his officers responded with equal celerity and efficiency. There were a few substitutions; Bro Pericles, the Junior Warden, was laid low with pneumonia; we wish him well and look forward to his return. There was a message from the guest speaker, W Bro Martin Clark,saying he would be a little delayed, but would arrive shortly. Unfazed, the WM juggled the agenda to accommodate this.

I think it came as a surprise to the Tyler, W Bro Robert Marshall McKenna, to be summoned from his place outside the door of the Lodge to be congratulated by the WM and applauded by the Brethren for his having received the rank of PPJGD at last month's Provincial convocation. "It is an honour to you, but also to the Lodge," said the Master. Elegant in his dark blue and gold, Rob thanked the WM and the Brethren and retired to his post, alert for the late arrival of the Lodge's guest that evening.

The next business was a ballot for a new member, which proved successful, and reports were given. W Bro McKenna knocked to alert the Brethren that W Bro Martin Clark had arrived, and this worthy Brother was admitted, full of apologies.

He barely had time to catch his breath when he was asked to perform, with the explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board. This is a formidable feat of memory comprising an explanation of the features exhibited on the elaborate illustration dedicated to the instruction of Entered Apprentices, and Martin delivered it with aplomb.

This was followed by a nugget about the Toast to Absent Brethren, given by the Senior Deacon, Bro Gary Horth, after which such correspondence as had not been distributed by email was mentioned, hearty greetings extended from the Humber and Ridings Tablers' Lodges, and the Lodge closed by the SW, Bro Neil Tomlin.

I managed to persuade the evening's highlights to stand for a photograph before they retired downstairs. Pictured L to R are W Bro Martin Clark, IPM of the Ridings Tablers' Lodge 9586, and Thesaurus members Bro Gary Horth, SD, W Bro Matthew Hunt, WM, and W Bro Rob McKenna, PPJGD.

At the festive board, in response to the visitors toast, W Bro Martin (memory man) Clark made a confession. "I arrived late at the Lodge," he said, "and signed in. Outside the door of the Lodge I was confused - I heard second degree knocks, not the expected first degree. I asked the Tyler to show me his summons and couldn't see my name on it. Then it clicked - I shouldn't be at Beverley Road, I should be at Dagger Lane! I'd turned up at the wrong Lodge. I gave hasty apologies, and hurried here - somewhat later than expected." We smiled sympathetically. There was no harm done. As I'm frequently beset by a failing memory, I could well understand. "Yes, even Jove nods sometimes," I reflected.

It was raining when we left. "Would you like a lift, Eddie?" said W Bro Malcolm Forbes, looking at me kindly. "You are a Charity Steward to the core," I told him. "Yes please."

Eddie Wildman, Organist


Wednesday 12th June 2024:

Initiation at the Lodge of St Andrew 4683 

I was invited to play for my supper at the Lodge of St Andrew 4683 as this ninety-nine year old Lodge was initiating a Candidate this evening, one Mr Charlie Berdin Behag who expressed a wish to join some time ago, but was prevented by circumstances until now. I met him in the bar area before the meeting and he confessed to feeling a little nervous. "That's perfectly normal," I told him. "Everybody here has been initiated; you've nothing to worry about."

L4683 starts at seven, a little later than most in this part of the Province, and had visitors from several Lodges including Andrew Marvell 5642 and Hull Old Grammarians 5129. The Brethren settled in the Lodge Room and the Worshipful Master, W Bro James R D Billaney opened fluently and efficiently. His high standard was reflected by all his team. In due time Mr Behag was admitted, almost properly prepared (the missing slip-on footwear was discretely added a little later) and answered the necessary questions with confidence and style.

There had been some trouble finding items of regalia and other equipment when setting up the Lodge, I noticed. This is not the only Lodge to have experienced this, nor the only building. I thought back to when I'd visited Lodges in Singapore some years ago, where aprons, collars and equipment were mutually shared by all Officers there (the English Constitution on one rail, the Irish on another, and the Scottish on a third) - a sensible arrangement, where equipment was stored for everyone. Grand and District Officers would have their own regalia, and Master Masons could of course buy their own aprons, but the regular items were there for all Officers. No locking away of equipment to deny it to other Lodges - how un-Masonic is that?

Mr Behag was well obligated by the Worshipful Master. The Great and Lesser Lights were explained and the Secrets communicated and Brother Behag showed his proficiency demonstrating what he'd learnt to the Wardens. The Senior Warden invested him with the Entered Apprentice Apron, explaining its significance. Brother Eastburn gave the address at the North East Corner, after which the Warrant was explained (an important piece of ritual which says under which authority we act and places the Lodge historically amongst all others in the Constitution.) The Working Tools were interpreted by the Inner Guard, Bro Caywood and the IPM Bro Matthew Owen delivered the Ancient Charge.

Having been instructed in the Q&As leading to a higher degree, Bro Behag retired to restore himself to his smart suit, and during his absence the Lodge was updated on its centenary preparations, reports were given and correspondance dealt with. The Acting Tyler, W Bro Daragon, gave a report and Bro Behag was readmitted and escorted to sit on the dais. Greetings were given and the HOGs gave notice that their 900th meeting would take place later this month.

The food was beautiful: as I'm allergic to pork Luke the Chef prepared me a poached salmon fillet in an exquisite sauce.

While the Lodge of Saint Andrew has many fine qualities, singing is not one of them and the almost random collection of notes during the Entered Apprentice Song would have produced a scatter pattern if transcribed onto a stave. The song was interrupted by an explanation of the Masonic Chain by the Senior Warden, Bro Will Charlton - this was beautifully done, after which the WM sang the last verse very nicely. The chorus, twice repeated gave a whole new meaning to the term "bunch of keys" but it was performed with gusto and good humour.

The WM gave the toast to the Candidate and Bro Behag responded briefly and eloquently and without a hint of nervousness. W Bro Colin Shields (Andrew Marvell) responded on behalf of all the visitors to the toast proposed by the SW.

It was a happy evening. Congratulations all!

[Stained glass image of St Andrew from the Parish Church in Soham, with the Saltaire (diagonal) cross which is stylised on the flag and arms of the patron saint of Scotland and on the Lodge of St Andrew logo. Below is Entered Apprentice Charlie Behag and the Worshipful Master.]

Eddie Wildman, guest organist


11th June 2024:

Humber Lodge 57 Lodge meeting 

Report by Malcolm Forbes

As I made my way to Dagger Lane Masonic Hall I was joined by Bro Rob Parkinson, who had been unable to attend recent Lodge meetings due to work commitments.

Inside the building, Bro Ben Houghton had resumed his duties as dining steward to collect the dining money after returning from a Mediterranean cruise.

The Lodge tyled at 6.30 pm. The meeting was duly opened by Worshipful Master Alan Todd, whose company I had the pleasure of being in the previous evening when I attended a meeting of Wyke Millennium Lodge 9696 at the Tickton Grange hotel.

As Junior Deacon I sat alongside stand-in Senior Warden W Bro Richard Smedley, who with W Bro Eddie Wildman, were greeted as Grand Lodge Officers. WM Alan Todd welcomed back Bro Parkinson after his period of absence. Following a report from Inner Guard Bro Matthew Barber, Bro Chris, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies for the evening and member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611, announced the presence of W Bro Derek McKenzie, a member of Lennox Lodge 123, as the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, at the door. A team of Provincial Lodge Officers from Humber Lodge was summoned to escort W Bro McKenzie into the Lodge.

The first substantive business of the evening was to ballot for a potential candidate to be initiated into the Lodge. The ballot was clear.

The main business of the meeting was to hear a talk by Lodge Almoner W Bro David Terry entitled "Masonic Creatures." The talk identified animal life, from the bee to the lion, used in Masonic story telling and imagery. W Bro Terry in his inimitable way drew from his lifetime experience as a veterinary surgeon to embellish his lecture, so he was able to ruminate (no pun intended) for example on a cow's four stomachs. The parallels between the Masonic significance of the animal life and W Bro Terry's storytelling of his encounters with the said creatures was both inspiring and jocular.

After the talk Lodge reports were delivered. In his Almoner's report W Bro Terry reported on another setback for W Bro Mike Potts, following an accident, in his return to health. Unfortunately W Bro Potts had previously been unable to be invested as Junior Warden in Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 and had resigned from the Lodge due to long-term health problems.

In my Charity Steward's report I highlighted the efforts of IPM W Bro Charles Alexander and Junior Warden Bro Ian Douglas in raising £414 at their Whisky Galore stall at the Connaught Court Summer Fayre on 8th June.

The traditional greetings were given. No visitors were present as the representative of the PGM and his DC are technically not visitors despite not being members of Humber Lodge.

At the Festive Board I was fortunate to sit on the top table opposite W Bro McKenzie, whom I had previously met at a meeting of Constitutional Lodge 294 in Beverley in 2023. W Bro Mckenzie had travelled from Northallerton and in his Office of Provincial Grand Charity Steward, replacing W Bro Ian Syddall at the annual Convocation on 11th May, is looking forward to promoting Festival 29. W Bro Syddall, who has now been promoted to Provincial Grand Senior Warden, was unable to attend the Lodge meeting.

In his response to the toast to the PGM, W Bro Mckenzie praised the Lodge for making the evening so enjoyable. The raffle raised £107.

In his parish notes WM Todd reminded the Brethren to book places for the Humber Lodge Ladies Night at the Mercure Willerby Grange Park hotel on 12th October. He also reminded Brethren to attend the LOI on 17th June.

The parting toast was sung by Bro Matthew Barber to conclude an entertaining and informative evening.

W Bro Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward


Tuesday 21st May 2024:

Andrew Marvell Lodge welcomes a new member

The WM W Bro Thomas Stephen Cawkwell was escorted into the Lodge by the DC W Bro Richard Green as the Brethren sang the opening ode; he welcomed the visitors and Brethren and opened the Lodge efficiently. A report at the door revealed the DC for the Representative; this was his maiden outing as Provincial DC and his polished head shone under the Lodge Room lights at Beverley Road Masonic Hall. "I'm not follically challenged," he insisted to W Bro LeFevre (who is), "I prefer to be cool, that's all," He announced that representing the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master that evening was Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Paul Harper, and an escort was formed to bring him in.

W Bro Paul was saluted, the minutes were signed. The WM then announced the main business of the evening, the initiation of Mr Bourne. The Inner Guard admitted him in due and ancient form, and he affirmed that he was uninfluenced by mercenary or improper motives, whereupon the JD, Bro Henry conducted him round the Lodge (to the tune of Dykes' Lux Benigna). Having satisfied the Junior and Senior Wardens (Bros Steve Walker and Ian Fuller) as to his suitablity, he took his obligation as an Entered Apprentice. The WM's measured delivery was impressive, and he explained the three Great Lights in Freemasonry with dignity. The Lesser Lights were explained by the Lodge Treasurer, the newly-promoted W Bro Colin Shields, and the password to the next degree explained in a relaxed, conversational style. Bro Bourne was paying great attentioh, taking it all in. Once again he passed before the Wardens, and Brother Fuller invested him with the Entered Apprentice Apron.

The floor work was good. Of particular note was the Ancient Charge, delivered by the Chaplain, W Bro Hayward, who having recently recovered from surgery entered the room solely for the purpose of enlightening the Candidate and the rest of the Brethren with an overview of how Masonry should influence his conduct through life. He took his departure with equal celerity, and Bro Bourne retired shortly after this to restore himself to his smart suit.

Reports were given after which I had the pleasure of presenting a UGLE certificate; Bro Nigel Henry was then given another certificate marking his 100% success rate in answering the Solomon Questions. As the Solomon Editor, W Bro Harper said he recognised the difficulties surmounted in achieving this second certificate.

After the Lodge closed, I took a photograph of some of the Brethren. The Rep's DC declined. "You're just going to make a comment about the light shining on by head, I know," he said.

Luke's Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding was tasty, and we enjoyed the toasts: W Bro Harper gave greetings from the RWPGM and spoke of the importance of engagement, adaptation and involvement, reiterating the congratulations given upstairs to W Bro Chris LeFevre who continues as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer for the year and W Bro Colin William Shields, promoted from Active Rank to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon.

In response to his toast, Bro Bourne admitted that he hadn't known what to expect, but he hadn't been disappointed, and was looking forward to understanding more about what he'd experienced. The WM presented him with the Book of Constitutions, the by-laws and the 1° ritual.

It was a happy night. Congratulations to Luke and the rest of the Brethren who helped make it such a wonderful evening.

[Photo L to R: Bro Ian Fuller, Senior Warden; W Bro Paul Harper PGJD, Representative; Bro Luke Bourne, Entered Apprentice; W Bro Tom Cawkwell, WM; and Bro Steve Walker, Junior Warden. Photograph of Bro Nigel Henry being presented with his Solomon Certificate by the Solomon Editor, W Bro Paul Harper by W Bro Colin Shields.]

Eddie Wildman, Organist





Monday 20th May 2024:

Holderness Installation

Holderness Lodge 3563 was consecrated in Withernsea in 1912. A nearby site (now used for caravans) afforded the opportunity for the pre- WW1 Brethren from Hull to spend a long weekend by the sea; this, I am told by one of the Lodge's oldest members, was why Monday night was chosen for the meeting dates. I am also informed that while the last train to Hull in the early days was at eleven o' clock, it would not leave Withernsea station on Lodge nights until every last Freemason was aboard. Withernsea was the end of the line, and a turntable was used to point the engine the other way.

Times have changed, and financial issues stimulated the Lodge's move to Beverley Road in Hull in 2012, where it is now comfortably settled. However I still remember with affection travelling out to Queen Street in Withernsea in the 1980s and 90s,  and experiencing the low-ceilinged Lodge Room and battered harmonium. Some of the old faces that greeted me then are still with us, though somewhat older. But the Withernsea air is reputedly the healthiest in the country - as evidenced by the Installing DC, W Bro Rollo Smallwood, who at ninety-one conducted the ceremonial with the authority one would expect of a military veteran. Thus the continuity of the Lodge is secured; traditions, such as the deployment of the traditional terrestrial and celestial globes flanking the pedestal are still happily maintained.

Tonight's meeting was an Installation and well attended with eleven visitors from nine sister Lodges. Brother Danial Ward Marshall, well known as a member of the Minerva Lodge 250, was Master Elect. The Minerva Brethren were well represented - including W Bro Dean Marshall, Danial's father, who later responded on behalf of the visitors. W Bro Tom Cawkwell of L250 (and also WM of the Andrew Marvell Lodge 564, and extended greetings therefrom) was in the illustrious company of his father-in-law, W Bro Chris Brown. W Bro Alan Todd gave greetings as WM of Humber Lodge, and I was pleased to support him. 

Danny had a difficult act to follow: W Bro Darren Wiseman had enjoyed a splendid year in office and raised the already high standard of ritual in the Lodge; (this was remarked upon by the Representative at the Festive Board afterwards; noting that unlike some Lodges where ritual was read - and read badly - Darren had learnt the ceremony from start to finish and delivered it very well, setting a fine example for his Officers.)

At the start, the WM asked W Bros Ben Kelly, Malvin Sharpless and Peter Moore to retire, and on their re-entry be recognised as ProvGDepDC, ProvGTyler and PPGStdB with a salute from the Brethren (and a fanfare from the organ) following their promotions at York the previous Saturday. The newly appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Steve Cox, was unable to be present, but he will doubtless be recognised on a future occasion. "The Lodge," said W Bro Wiseman, "is honoured." The DC for the Representative, W Bro George Dobson of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611 then announced that the Representative of the RWPGM, W Bro David Burnett, was awaiting entry - an escort was formed for him, and he took his seat by the WM.

Lodge business continued with the signing of the minutes and reports from the Charity Steward, Almoner, Mentor and Royal Arch Representative. The Lodge was raised to the 2° and the nonaganarian Lodge DC presented the Master Elect, Danny Marshall. W Bro Wiseman explained the requirements expected of a WM to Bro Marshall and the Secretary read the necessary qualifications from the Book of Constitutions. Bro Marshall took his solemn obligation as Master Elect, and the Fellow Crafts retired. The Lodge was raised to the 3° and all offices declared vacant, Senior Brethren taking the Chairs of the Principal Officers.

There was a little confusion regarding retiring, but soon resolved; I will not expound on the events taking place in the Board of Installed Masters except to say that Danial Ward Marshall was well installed in the figurative Chair of King Solomon according to ancient custom. As Master he ordered the Lodge lowered through the degrees and the Master Masons and Fellow Crafts were admitted. The WM smoothly appointed and installed his team of Officers. I was allowed the privilege of giving the address to the WM from the West, W Bro Sharpless delivered the address to the Wardens from the North and W Bro Tyson addressed the assembled Brethren from the East. The anthem was sung by W Bro Peter Spencer - and received spontaneous applause.

Two propositions to increase L3563's membership were made, and after the risings, W Bro Marshall efficiently closed the Lodge.

Traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding well satisfied the inner man, and W Bro Ben Kelly, the DC, led the toasts rapidly. The new WM was, I think, a little overawed by the occasion; his toast to the Most Wonderful Grand Master will doubtless be remembered for years to come. Peter Spencer sang the Masters Song following the toast to W Bro Marshall, the Brethren enthusiastically joining in the chorus.

W Bro Burnett extended greetings from the RWPGM, gave advice regarding the Holderness website and dilated on the importance of mentoring before concluding with encouragement for Festival 2029.

The regular toasts were submitted/proposed, and the meeting closed in friendship and harmony. It had been, I reflected, an enjoyable evening in good company - it is a delight to belong to a Lodge which is moving from strength to strength.

[Photographs: Engine on the turntable at Withernsea terminus; L to R: W Bro Ben Kelly, DC, W Bro George Dobson, Rep's DC, W Bro Dave Burnett, Rep, W Bro Danial Marshall, WM, W Bro Darren Wiseman, IPM, Bro Lee Atkinson, JW, W Bro Rollo Smallwood, ADC, Bro Jimmy Kitchen, SW, W Bro James Kelly, Tyler. In the next photograph W Bros Burnett, Marshall and Wiseman are smiling after the splendid ceremony. The centenary banner which hangs in the smaller Lodge Room in Beverley Road shows a figurative representation of the consecrating elements and the farming community in which the Lodge was originally established.]

Eddie Wildman, Organist

Tuesday 14th May 2024:

Humber Lodge Founders Night

report by Eddie Wildman

Humber Lodge 57 was well supported with visitors from south of the Humber; this being Founders Night there was the expected contingent from Pelham Pillar 792 in Lincolnshire, but also from Albion Lodge, number 9 in London.  The WM, W Bro Alan Todd, welcomed the visitors and opened the Lodge at 6:30. I realised at the last minute that our Inner Guard had not yet arrived (his father had told me he was on his way) and slid from the organ stool to the door in time to act out the part of the Inner Guard until Matthew arrived a few minutes later.

There were other stand-ins; both Wardens (a bereavement prevented the SW from being there) and there was some shuffling round of Offices so L57 was a little light on numbers, but the Lodge was opened in due form, a portion of the Ancient Charges read by the Secretary, W Bro Stanley Smith, and the minutes of the last regular meeting confirmed and signed.

The business upstairs was to pass Bro Michael Andrew Barber to the degree of a Fellowcraft. Fortunately the IG, Bro Matthew Barber, the Candidate's son had by now arrived, and was able to whisper "Good luck, Dad," as Bro Michael, now entrusted with the necessary information to be admitted to a FC Lodge, retired to prepare himself for the ceremony, During this time the Lodge was opened in the 2° and  the Almoner W Bro David Terry gave his report.

Bro Matthew reported the readiness of Bro Michael, who having been expertly checked by the Acting Tyler, W Bro Ian Syddall and armed with the essential Password and grip superbly communicated by the Acting Senior Warden, W Bro Richard Smedley, was conducted round the Lodge by the Senior Deacon, Bro Craig Morrison with military precision. He was examined by the Wardens, then after an invocation to the Almighty, obligated by the WM.

W Bro Terrence Fisher communicated the Signs and Password, the Apron was invested by the SW, and the address at the South East Corner of the Lodge given by Bro Matthew Barber. The Lecture Master, W Bro Philip Watts explained the Working Tools and the stand-in Chaplain, W Bro David Terry delivered the Ancient Charge. The ritualists were on good form; Bro Barber may consider himself well passed!

The Q&As were exchanged between the WM and the Wardens and Bro Barber retired to change into his regular Masonic attire while the Lodge was lowered to the 1°. The Charity Steward, W Bro Malcolm Forbes, stood up loftily from his place as JD by the side of the SW and reported on the festival ties and gloves now available for sale, the upcoming Connaught Court Summer Fayre, and made a plea on behalf of the North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled Charity.

A report at the door announced the return of Bro Barber, who took his place in the Lodge as other reports were given. At this point, the Acting Tyler, W Bro Ian Syddal, Provincial Senior Grand Warden, was recognised for the honour awarded him on the previous Saturday: "The highest honour the Province can confer on its Brethren," as the RWPGM had remarked at the Provincial Convocation. W Bro Ian Syddall responded with commendable modesty.

Greetings were given, and as WM of the Phoenix Lodge 9963, W Bro Peter Kenyon-Brodie stood, supported by W Bros Smedley and myself, and the Humber Lodge was closed in due form. As W Bro Forbes is also a member of L57 and no longer in the Chair of L5642 he did not extend greetings from the Andrew Marvell Lodge.

Downstairs the IPM, W Bro Charles Alexander gave the toast to the Founders, speaking of the warrant dating from 1756 and the trials and tribulations of the Humber Lodge until the arrival of Bros Crow, Feetham and Eglin who reversed the downward trend and spearheaded the rapid building of a new Lodge building in Osborne Street. Charles quoted from the speech made by the DPGM in 1827 when laying the foundation stone. This building was destroyed by enemy action in 1941 but the Warrant was retrieved. 

The ceremony of the passing of the bag of money between the Masters of the Humber and Pelham Pillar Lodge  took place; on this occasion, W Bro Richard Turville, the WM of L792 took it back immediately. This related to an incident in the past when a sum collected for the formation of the Lincolnshire Lodge was thwarted by the theft of the funds collected by its sponsoring Lodge. The tale has been recited on many Founders Nights.

The toast to the visitors was proposed by the SW, who sang Brethren from the East and West accompanied by the other UGLE officer. W Bro George Langley of the Albion Lodge No 9 in London responded, saying he had never heard this before and was much moved. Like Humber Lodge, Albion is on the Atholl roll - one of the Antient Lodges.

Bro Matthew Barber made his debut as a singer in a lovely performance of Happy to Meet Again after which the WM submitted the parting toast. As ever, we left with the tune still in our heads. Well done, Matthew, Michael, and indeed everyone who took part in this happy Humber anniversary meeting.

[Photos: Matthew and Michael Barber : "You can have my Second degree pinnie now, Dad," and W Bro Ian Syddall, Provincial Senior Grand Warden with the SW's emblem of the level - a symbol of equality - featuring three times on the snapshot.]

 Eddie Wildman, Organist


Monday 13th May 2024:

Wyke Millennium Lodge 9696

Report by Malcolm Forbes

After several years absence I visited the Tickton Grange Hotel to attend the Installation meeting of the Lodge. The Rose Room provided the setting for the Lodge meeting and the Festive Board.

The configuration of the chairs for the meeting meant that initially I made the faux pas of sitting in a chair to be occupied by the representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Paul Harper. I swiftly moved to sit alongside W Bro Gavin Collinson, the Secretary of Constitutional Lodge 294.

The Installation of W Bro Malcolm Grange PPGSuptWorks (pictured) was a proclamation ceremony for he was continuing in the Chair as Worshipful Master. Indeed this was to be a third year in the Chair, having previously been WM before his current two years in the Office.

The Lodge tyled at 6.15pm. After the Opening, W Bro Steve Burns, a member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611 and Thesaurus Lodge 3891, was welcomed in as Provincial Director of Ceremonies to announce the attendance of W Bro Harper PJGD. A Provincial team of Officers escorted W Bro Harper into the Lodge room to sit alongside the WM and Grand Lodge Officers W Bro Eddie Wildman and W Bro Brian Baker. W Bro Chris Woodhead, a member of Ridings Tablers Lodge 9586, who will be attending the next Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 meeting on 21st May as Provincial Director of Ceremonies to the representative of the PGM, was also in attendance.

The Installation ceremony was overseen immaculately by Director of Ceremonies and Lodge Secretary, W Bro Kevin Shilcock. WM Grange presided smoothly over the Installation of his Officers. The Lodge Officers pulled together to support him.

It was an emotional evening for WM Grange as he later admitted after the Master's Song was sung to him at the Festive Board by Junior Warden W Bro Roger Lewis.

Following the Installation and Lodge reports a Masonic nugget was delivered.

A proposition was put forward for a candidate for initiation at the next Lodge meeting.

At the risings I gave greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge and Thesaurus Lodge. Also a member of Constitutional Lodge 294 and Humber Lodge 57, I rose as W Bro Collinson and W Bro Wildman gave greetings on behalf of their respective Lodges. All the visitors congratulated WM Grange.

After the Closing of the Lodge the Lodge's fixtures and fittings were put away before the Festive Board could begin.

As the bar did not accept cash, I rummaged around to find my debit card to pay for my drink.

I was honoured to sit on the top table alongside the Worshipful Master. Two other round tables were fully occupied by Lodge members and visitors.

As befitting the hotel the cuisine was of a high standard. A full toast list was submitted /proposed. The toasts incorporated the changes in Rulers made at the annual Convocation on 11th May so that W Bro Martin Eggermont and W Bro Steve Cox, the newly invested Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, were duly toasted.

In the response to his toast W Bro Harper emphasised the importance of the membership challenge, particularly in terms of retention and engagement, which all Lodges must meet. He expressed his enjoyment of the evening and his gratitude to the WM.

In his response to the toast to the Worshipful Master and his Officers, W Bro Baker in his discourse reflected on the close bond between Freemasons and how the Lodge and the WM were working to promote the fraternal relationship between members.

In his reply to W Bro Baker's response the WM recognised the importance of family and friends to the Lodge and encouraged Brethren to attend a White Table celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Consecration of the Lodge. The celebration will take place at the Tickton Grange Hotel on Saturday 23rd November.

I was surprised but pleased to give a response to the visitors toast, which was proposed by W Bro Lewis. There was much to be praised in the way the whole evening had been conducted. The elegant atmosphere of the Rose Room provided the finishing touch to a memorable evening.

In his parish notes the WM thanked everyone present for their support. As Lodge Charity Steward he was also pleased to announce that the raffle raised £100.
It had been a delightful night.

Malcolm Forbes


Saturday 11th May 2024 p.m.:

The Night-Soil Men: Illuminating the Shadows of History

by Neil Armstrong

In the dimly lit streets of Victorian Hull, a group of men known as the night-soil men embarked on their nightly journey, a task essential yet shrouded in the cloak of night.

These unsung heroes, tasked with the collection and disposal of a town's waste, were pivotal to the sanitation and health of the town. Their story, often overlooked,found a voice last night in the hands of the Kingston Daggards trio, bringing to light the tales of these nocturnal labourers.

Lord Bolton Lodge 3263, with W Bro Chris LeFevre in the WM's Chair, didn’t know what to expect when they requested a performance at their meeting, They say there is no better cure to lift the spirits than laughter. It’s like having an emotional colonic. Cleans out all of the stuff and purifies the soul.

And so it seemed, judging by the sniggering, and chuckling at the sight of Mr Obadiah Gibson (Eddie) shuffling along in his greatcoat, scarf, wig, and mop hat. Laughter soon mixed with flabbergasted gawps of shock as he began to tell his tale.

The performance was not just a retelling of historical events but an immersive experience that transported the Brethren back in time, to the flickering gaslit Town of Hull, each new PowerPoint slide adding depth to the storytelling; all under the skilful control of our techie Carl Proctor. Eddie Wildman and Neil Armstrong embodied their characters with such conviction that one could almost smell the musty air and feel the weight of the nightsoil buckets they carried.

The narrative was a blend of personal stories and broader social commentary, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of the night-soil men. It shed light on the importance of their work, which tried to keep diseases like cholera at bay; together with the social stigma and tragedy they faced despite their indispensable role.

As the curtain fell, it was clear that The Night-Soil Men was more than just a short playlet; it serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and fortitude of the working class, whose stories are often left in the shadows. It is through such researched and artistic endeavours that we can shine a light on the forgotten chapters of our past and appreciate the foundations upon which our modern world is built. Something that Bro Senior Warden Bird remarked upon at the Festive Board, after we had enjoyed the superb three meat buffet prepared by Chef Luke Pyrah.

Carl gave his first ever response to the Visitor’s toast and was fortunate to win a bottle of Champagne at the raffle. An altogether enjoyable evening in the company of the Lord Bolton Brethren.

Neil Armstrong

Saturday 11th May 2024 a.m.:

Convocation at the Race Course

One could not have hoped for a nicer day to travel to York. While I saw many friends there as we hurried to put on our regalia, I wondered how many people were there from Andrew Marvell Lodge. There was W Bro Andrew Peach, always a great supporter; we briefly shook hands on the way to the Voltigeur Suite, where we quickly claimed our places.

The convocation is a yearly gathering where those who have earned honours during the year are recognised. This year was also the launch of Festival 2029 for this Province, and as a new initiative (the RWPGM's matra invokes change) wives/partners joined us after the opening when the Lodge was called off.

I was delighted to be able to applaud W Bro Chris LeFevre still in active rank as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer; he will no doubt continue to visit all over Yorkshire North and East Ridings. W Bro Colin Shields was promoted from Active Rank to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon. "I'm going to miss the team visits," he told me, regretfully.

After appointing his officers a presentation was given by MCF representatives, Les Hutchinson and Howard Wilson, after which the RWPGM addressed the Brethren and Ladies. Two verses of the national anthem were sung before the non-Masonic visitors retired, Provincial Grand Lodge was called back on and closed, and the PGM and his distinguished guests processed out.

Eddie Wildman




Thursday 9th May 2024:

Thesaurus Lodge 3891

Report by Malcolm Forbes

I was one of the early birds to arrive at Dagger Lane and joined Lodge Treasurer W Bro Mike East and W Bro David Harrison in light-hearted conversation. We were soon joined by a good turnout of Thesaurus Brethren and three visitors from Beacon Lodge 3642. The banter and fun were to continue throughout the evening.
The Lodge tyled at 6.30 pm. After the Opening Hymn was sung to the musical accompaniment of W Bro Eddie Wildman, WM W Bro Matthew Hunt duly opened the Lodge. Stand-ins were W Bro Harrison as IPM, W Bro Garry Millett as Chaplain and W Bro Nigel Bell as Inner Guard.
The main business of the meeting was to pass Bro Alan Miller, the younger brother of Junior Warden Pericles (PJ) Miller, to the degree of a Fellow Craft. Brother A Miller was placed in the hands of Senior Deacon Bro Gary Horth and Junior Deacon Bro Carl Moore. He confidently answered the questions put to him as an Entered Apprentice.
After Bro Miller left the Lodge room to be properly clothed for the ceremony, Lodge reports were presented. In my Charity Steward's report I reflected on the absence of Lodge Ambassador W Bro Tony Randle, who was unable to attend the meeting to give a presentation on Festival 29, due to ill-health. W Bro Randle hopes to attend the Lodge at the earliest opportunity to give the presentation and answer questions about the Festival.
Tyler and Lodge Mentor W Bro Rob Mckenna indicated that the presentation of Masonic nuggets would become a regular feature of Lodge meetings. Bro Paul Bridgeman would later deliver a nugget to the Brethren. He also encourged Brethren to attend the monthly Sam Judah Learning Circle Zoom meetings.
On Brother Miller returning to the Lodge room, W Bro Hunt delivered the Obligation of a Fellow Craft Freemason. Amongst the ritualists, Chaplain W Bro Adrian Hayward, who was otherwise unable to act as Chaplain during the meeting for medical reasons, was able to deliver the Charge.
The whole ceremony was most accomplished and reflected well on the Lodge.
Following the ceremony, W Bro Wildman presented a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro Carl Moore in recognition of his status as a Master Mason. The presentation was without equal.
During the risings, W Bro Wildman, as a Grand Lodge Officer, reflected that he had witnessed a beautiful ceremony. W Bro Wildman also gave greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge 57 upon which I also rose.
WM W Bro Trevor Collinson, the WM of Beacon Lodge, gave greetings on behalf of the Lodge and the two other visitors from the Lodge. In support was W Bro Bell, a member of both Thesaurus Lodge and Beacon Lodge.
The Closing Hymn was sung as the meeting was duly closed.
Downstairs at the Festive Board there was an Oriental flavour to the meal, with spring rolls for the first course and a choice of two Chinese main course options. The meal was most satisfying.
A long toast list was submitted/proposed. The toast to the visitors was proposed by Senior Warden Bro Neil Tomlin. In his response W Bro Collinson contrasted Humber ritual, which Thesaurus Lodge performs, with Emulation ritual which Beacon Lodge performs. He expressed that he had witnessed an excellent ceremony upstairs.
Following the raffle, in his parish notes W Bro Hunt emphasised the importance of social events in maintaining the momentum of the Lodge. He then delivered the parting toast.
On a long walk back to the car on a balmy evening with a raffle prize of a bottle of wine in hand, I was able to look back on a thoroughly enjoyable fraternal evening.

 [W Bro Mckenna's report may be seen on this date on the Humber blog.]

W Bro Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward


Wednesday 8th May 2024:

Lodge of St Andrew 4683

Report by Malcolm Forbes
It was time to attend the Lodge of St Andrew, a Lodge I had not visited since 12th April 2023. Before the meeting I was welcomed by IPM W Bro Matthew Owen and other former WMs W Bros Eddie Brook, Paul Bull and Ian Sugarman as well as other Brethren from the Lodge. 
I took my seat in the Lodge room alongside another visitor, Bro Colin Brown, a member of Alexandra Lodge 1511. The other visitor was Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman, who took his seat at the organ. 
The Lodge tyled at 7.0 pm and was duly opened by WM W Bro James Billaney. Stand-ins were W Bro Brook as Chaplain and Bro Paul Marshall as Assistant DC. 
W Bro Bull initially occupied the Senior Warden's chair before Bro William Charlton was invested as Senior Warden. 
A ballot was then held for potential candidate Mr James Walker. The ballot proved successful. 
Following an alarm raised by Tyler Bro Ian Montgomery and Inner Guard Bro Lee Cawood, Mr Walker was led into the Lodge room by Junior Deacon Bro Philip Beadle. 
The whole ceremony, most ably led by WM Billaney, was outstanding. All the ritualists from WM Billaney, who delivered the Obligation, DC W Bro Robert Jackson, who communicated the secrets, Assistant Secretary Bro Craig Eastburn, who addressed Bro Walker at the North East Corner, Bro Cawood, who explained the First Degree Working Tools, Bro Okikiola Imam, who explained the Lesser Lights, and Bro King March De Leon, who was responsible for pointing out the Warrant of the Lodge and presenting the Book of Constitutions and a copy of the by-laws of the Lodge, and W Bro Owen who presented the Antient Charge to Bro Walker, were superb. 
Following the conclusion of the initiation ceremony Lodge reports were presented. Lodge Almoner W Bro Brook reported that W Bro Roy Newton's wife had recently had a triple heart bypass operation. A get well card was later signed by the Brethren at the Festive Board. 
Junior Warden Bro Robert Thirsk reported on the Beverley Road Masonic Hall Directors meeting on 29th April to discuss the future of the Hall, which he had attended. 
W Bro Bull proposed and WM Billaney seconded a potential candidate for initiation at a future meeting. 
During the risings, W Bro Wildman, when giving greetings on behalf of Grand Lodge, remarked that the ceremony had been one of the best he had seen in his thirty-nine years in Freemasonry. As a member of Humber Lodge 57, I rose as W Bro Wildman gave greetings on behalf of the Lodge. I also gave greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642. 
The meeting was duly closed at 8.45 pm. 
The Festive Board was well attended. A long toast list was submitted/proposed. I responded to the visitors toast. Following the singing of the Entered Apprentices song, which was the only off key part of the evening in some cases, a Masonic chain or circle was then formed. Bro Charlton explained the significance of the chain to Bro Walker. Bro Walker then replaced Lodge Secretary W Bro Sugarman in the chain.
Bro Walker responded well to his toast. 
A copy of the Holy Bible and a card signed by the Brethren was the presented to Bro Walker. 
In his parish notes WM Billaney thanked everyone who had made the evening so special. 
It is clear that the Lodge is well placed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its Consecration next year. A strong team is in situ and will continue in office during the 100th anniversary celebrations. The Lodge has an enviable balance of young and older members, who are taking the Lodge forward and meeting any membership challenges. W Bro Jackson as Area Membership Officer will lead the Lodge and Province well in this regard. 
I was grateful for an excellent evening. As W Bro Wildman had remarked the standard of the ritual was a throwback to former times when ritual was delivered to perfection. The food and the company at the Festive Board topped off a memorable evening. 
[Eddie Wildman's blog may be found on this date on the Humber website.]
Malcolm Forbes



Friday 3rd May 2024:

Brough Lodge 5464

by Tom Cawkwell


On Friday evening I had the pleasure of visiting Brough Lodge 5464 accompanied by W Bros Colin Shields and Malcolm Forbes to witness the raising of Bro Lee Meadows.

I was particularly keen to visit Brough Lodge because despite having grown up just a stone's throw away from the Lodge building in Sutton, I’ve never before visited it. I always enjoy visiting new Lodge buildings and find myself intrigued by the subtle differences between each temple. We are taught in the 1° that pendant to the four corners of the Lodge are four tassels representing the four cardinal virtues of temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice; and in most Lodges these are visually depicted in the four corners of the carpet. In this Lodge however, I was intrigued to see physical tassels hanging from the four corners of the temple ceiling; reminding me that these virtues are to be practised in act as well as in word.

The evening was also election night ahead of their installation meeting in June and it was a privilege to be able to congratulate Brother Tony Christmas, who was duly elected as WME for the ensuing year.

The formalities of electing a Tyler, auditors and lodge committee members, all being completed, the WM moved on to the main event of the evening: Bro Meadows completed his questions and answers impeccably and without prompt, before being led out of the Lodge for preparation. What followed was the first class 3° ceremony with fantastically delivered and heartfelt ritual.

Downstairs at the festive board we were warmly welcomed and well fed . . . perhaps over-fed, as all three of us partook in second helpings of dessert before realising that there was a cheese course to follow!

I was invited to respond on behalf of the visitors and took the opportunity to talk about the recently consecrated Cornerstone Lodge and its upcoming events.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening and I very much look forward to returning soon, although perhaps with a looser fitting belt next time.

W Bro Tom Cawkwell, Worshipful Master



Thursday 2nd May 2024:

Music and Dancing Girls at Beverley Road Masonic Hall

The Holderness and Hornsea Gazette published an article about the Albemarle Probus Club Presidents' Dinner on April 25th at the Beverley Road Masonic Hall, where entertainment was provided by the Green Ginger Garland Dancers, who can be found on facebook should anyone wish to join. Several well-known local Masons were in attendance, including (pictured) President John Ledger along with  James Anderson, Malcolm Macdonald and Darrin Stevens (Holderness Lodge 3563), Chris Lefevre (Andrew Marvell, Invictus 9960 + others) and Malcolm Forbes (Humber Lodge 57 + others) who showed the dancers, musicians and guests around the Lodge Room, speaking about Freemasonry. Ian Montgomery (Lodge of St Andrew 4683) who is never seen without his camera, took some photographs. Thankfully, Malcolm Forbes didn't dance and the building remains intact.

Eddie Wildman



Thursday 2nd May 2024:

Report on Constitutional Lodge 294

float: rightIt was an early arrival at Constitutional Lodge for their Lodge meeting on 2nd May.

Lodge Almoner W Bro Chris Harland had asked Lodge Officers to attend at 6.0 pm so that group photographs could be taken in the Lodge room. The sale of the photographs to the Brethren will raise money for Festival 29.

The Lodge meeting tyled at 6.30 pm. The meeting was well attended with twenty-three Brethren present. Regular visitor W Bro John Bridges, a member of Wilberforce Lodge 2134, and W Bro Duncan Taylor, the Worshipful Master of Hull Old Grammarians 5129, were welcome attendees.

The meeting was duly opened by Worshipful Master W Bro Mike Noble. Following the reading of a by-law of the Lodge and a portion of the Antient Charges by Lodge Secretary W Bro Gavin Collinson, a successful ballot was held for a proposed candidate for initiation.

The Lodge reports were then presented. In my Charity Steward's report to supplement a previously distributed written report I proposed that the

Lodge should make a donation of £150 to the Summer Fayre to be held on 8th June organised by the Friends of Connaught Court. The proposition was duly seconded and subsequently approved. Furthermore, in response to a request for financial assistance from Keldmarsh Primary School, a proposition to donate £100 to the school was similarly seconded and approved.

WM Noble thanked W Bro Harland for his customary thorough Almoner's report.

Following the reports, W Bro Collinson delivered a presentation on the First Degree Tracing Board. The presentation was not only valuable to the Entered Apprentices present but also to the Brethren as a whole.

On finishing the presentation W Bro Collinson then gave a presentation on the historical significance of public houses as meeting places for Lodges. The evolution of Lodge meetings and their atmosphere was much influenced by their presence in public houses. Some Lodges even took their names from the public houses in which they met.

Both presentations were warmly received by the Brethren.

A Past Master's Jewel was then presented by WM Noble to W Bro Andrew Nicholson in recognition of all the work he has done for the Lodge.

At the risings, W Bro Martin Rowland gave Provincial greetings.

The meeting was duly closed.

The Festive Board was a joyous occasion. Two toasts were submitted. The raffle was well supported. Gratitude is expressed to W Bro Bridgers who provided one of the many prizes. The WM delivered the parting toast at 9.45 pm.

Everyone had enjoyed an informative and convivial evening. 

W Bro Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward


Monday 22nd April 2024:

Andrew Marvell 5642 Lodge meeting

Report by Malcolm Forbes

I attended the regular Lodge meeting at Beverley Road Masonic Hall. I took a circuitous route due to the continued closure of Drypool Bridge in the company of Bro Chris Wright and Bro Ian Montgomery, a member of the Lodge of St Andrew 4683, to arrive at the Masonic Hall at 5.45 pm.

On arrival IPM W Bro Chris Lefevre was acting as dining steward to collect the money for the Festive Board as well as the money for the Lodge raffle to be held later in the evening. Altogether there were eighteen Brethren in attendance at the Lodge meeting with fifteen Brethren dining at the Festive Board.

Amongst the visitors was W Bro Dave Duffill, a member of De La Pole Lodge 1605. I was to take my seat in the Lodge room alongside W Bro Duffill.

The Lodge tyled at 6.30 pm. The Opening Hymn was sung with musical accompaniment provided by Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman.

WM W Bro Tom Cawkwell duly opened the Lodge. W Bro Lefevre stood in as Chaplain, W Bro Colin Shields stood in as Inner Guard and Bro Ian Montgomery stood in as Tyler. I, along with Bro Wright, Lodge Mentor and Lodge Membership Officer W Bro Barry Longstaff and W Bro Andrew Peach, who was sat alongside W Bro Cawkwell, had watching briefs. Lodge Secretary W Bro John Towler acted as Lecture Master.

Following the raising of Junior Deacon Bro Nigel Henry at the previous Lodge meeting on 25th March, the main business of the meeting was to raise Bro Ian Walker to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Bro Walker was placed in the hands of Senior Deacon W Bro Chris Brown and Junior Deacon Bro Henry. Bro Walker confidently answered the questions put to him by WM Cawkwell in the second degree.

The raising ceremony was conducted to the highest standard. Credit is due to the Worshipful Master, Director of Ceremonies W Bro Richard Green and the ritualists for their delivery and performance. W Bro Cawkwell delivered the Obligation. The Communication of the Secrets was presented by W Bro Brown. The Retrospect was performed with due reverence and dignity by W Bro Barry Kensett. As Brethren gathered around, the Historical Oration was acted out dramatically by W Bro Wildman in his inimitable way, followed by an explanation of the 3° Tracing Board. The explanation of the Working Tools was delivered faultlessly by Senior Warden Bro Ian Fuller. W Bro Lefevre delivered the Charge. The questions to which Bro Walker should learn the answers if he wishes to progress into Chapter were answered by SW Bro Fuller and JW Bro Steve Walker.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Bro Walker left the Lodge room to be restored to his usual comforts.

A Masonic nugget was then read out by Bro Henry.

Lodge reports were then presented. Lodge Treasurer W Bro Shields proposed that monies from Lodge raffles should be allocated to Festival 29. This was accepted by the Brethren. Lodge Almoner W Bro Lefevre reported that W Bro Adrian Hayward had been unable to attend but that his health was improving. I, as Charity Steward, reported on the Connaught Court summer fayre on 8th June. The Lodge resolved to make a donation of £50 to this. I also reported briefly on Festival 29 and the Relief Chest scheme for making individual charitable donations. W Bro Longstaff presented a Lodge Mentor's and Lodge Membership Officer's report.

WM Cawkwell addressed Bro Walker on his return to the Lodge meeting on progression to Chapter Masonry.

In the risings W Bro Wildman gave congratulatory greetings on behalf of Grand Lodge. I rose as a member of Humber Lodge 57 as W Bro Wildman gave greetings on behalf of the Lodge. He and I also rose as membes of De La Pole Lodge as W Bro Duffill gave greetings on behalf of L 1605.

The meeting was duly closed and the Closing Hymn sung before Bro Montgomery took some photographs with WM Cawkwell, Bro Ian Walker and the Wardens on the dais and Eddie borrowed W Bro Brown's phone for the photograph above. 

The Brethren met downstairs for the Festive Board at 9.00 pm. It was a merry Festive Board with the tables arranged to form a square. Two toasts were submitted. A bound ritual book produced by Bro Henry was presented to Bro Ian Walker. The raffle and the Lodge's Fifty Club draw were conducted by W Bro Shields.

In his parish notes, WM Cawkwell thanked everyone who had taken part in the ceremony. He also emphasised the importance of attending the Lodge's next LOI in May when there will be a rehearsal for an initiation ceremony which is due to take place at the next Lodge meeting later in May.

The parting toast was delivered by WM Cawkwell.

It had been a thoroughly enjoyable night with a high class ceremony at its core.

[Photo L to R: Bro Ian Fuller, SW; Bro Ian Walker, MM; W Bro Tom Cawkwell, WM; Bro Steve Walker, JW. For Eddie Wildman's account of the evening, see this date on the Minerva Lodge blogpage.]

Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward


Friday 12th April 2024:

De La Pole Lodge 1605

Report by Malcolm Forbes

On the way to the Lodge meeting at Beverley Road Masonic Hall I picked up and gave a lift to W Bro John Taylor and Bro Ian Montgomery, a member of the Lodge of St Andrew 4683 and regular visitor to De La Pole Lodge.

There was a buzz before the meeting as the Brethren interacted together. It was good to see the representative of the Provincial Grand Master W Bro Ian Syddall, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and member of Humber Lodge 57, back in harness as well as his DC W Bro Marcus Whereat, a member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611, who were both enjoying the fraternity of the Brethren before attending to their duties.

The Lodge meeting was duly opened by Worshipful Master W Bro Peter Clark. Bro Ian Fuller stood in as Senior Warden, Lodge Mentor W Bro Jimmie Kerr stood in as Inner Guard and Bro Malcolm Brocklesby stood in as Lecture Master. I acted as ADC alongside DC W Bro Mike Bastiman.

W Bro Whereat was admitted before an escort of Provincial Officers accompanied W Bro Syddall into the Lodge room. W Bro Syddall took his seat next to the WM in the company of IPM W Bro Phil Cowing, Chaplain W Bro Ben Kelly and Provincial Officers W Bro Peter Robson and W Bro Taylor who were sat either side of the WM.

The main business of the meeting was to pass Bro Paul Dickinson. Bro Dickinson was accompanied during the second degree ceremony by Junior Deacon Bro Mike Kelly and Senior Deacon Bro John Holmes.

Bro Dickinson confidently answered the questions put to him on examination as an Entered Apprentice by the WM before the Lodge was raised to the second degree.

Some outstanding ritual was witnessed: Lodge Secretary W Bro Peter Spencer stood in for the WM in delivering the Obligation faultlessly. Junior Warden Bro Graham Thornalley delivered the Secrets with equal facility. The Address at the South East Corner was presented spotlessly by W Bro Ray Platten. Bro Holmes and Bro Aaron Sutherland, who was delivering his first piece of ritual in open Lodge, shared the ritual in explaining the Working Tools of a Fellow Craft Freemason. Both are to be congratulated on their teamwork. The Charge was delivered exquisitely by W Bro Ben Kelly.

Following the ceremony, the Lodge was lowered back into the First Degree.

Grand Lodge Officer and member of Humber Lodge W Bro Eddie Wildman then presented a Grand Lodge certificate to Bro Steven Laird in recognition of his status as a Master Mason. The majesty of the evening was further enhanced by the presentation. 

Lodge reports followed.

At the risings W Bro Wildman on behalf of Grand Lodge expressed fulsome praise for the ceremony and its participants. W Bro Wildman also gave greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge with W Bro Syddall and myself in support. Greetings were also given on behalf of Kingston Lodge 1010 and the Lodge of St Andrew.

Following the closing of the meeting the Brethren gathered on the dais for W Bro Wildman to take photographs.


The Festive Board was resplendent with good food and good company. There were twenty-seven Brethren dining with five visitors from three sister Lodges.

There was a long toast list. In his response W Bro Syddall, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, commended the Lodge for a fine evening. The visitors song was sung by W Bro Spencer before W Bro Simon Ramshaw, a member of Kingston Lodge, responded on behalf of the visitors. W Bro Ramshaw extolled the value of the fraternal nature of Freemasonry and how this had been embraced by Bro Dickinson.

The raffle raised £131. A separate game giving Brethren the opportunity to win a bottle of whisky and a cash prize also took place.

In his parish notes WM W Bro Clark thanked everyone for a wonderful evening, and W Bro Spencer sang the Parting Toast.

At 10.20 pm it was time to leave. A splendid evening had been had by all.

[For Eddie's report see this date on the Humber blogpage.]

Malcolm Forbes ADC


Thursday 11th April 2024:

That which you seek is here

Report by Malcolm Forbes

I attended the regular Thesaurus Craft meeting at Dagger Lane Masonic Hall. Due to the temporary closure of Drypool Bridge traffic was heavy and parking difficult but I arrived in time. Before the meeting I was able to talk to Bro Gareth Millett, the son of W Bro Garry Millett, who after a break from Freemasonry when like his father he left Andrew Marvell Lodge, has returned by joining Thesaurus Lodge 3891. I was also able to converse with Lodge Chaplain W Bro Adrian Hayward, who is also the Chaplain of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642. Despite his ongoing health issues W Bro Hayward was his cheerful self.

The Lodge embraces technology in collecting payments for the Festive Board. With card reader in hand Bro Neil Tomlin, the Senior Warden, was able to collect payments via debit card. Cash payment is still available.

The Lodge tyled at 6.30pm and was opened in due form by Worshipful Master W Bro Matthew Hunt. Stand-ins included W Bro Millett as IPM, W Bro Mark Rudston as Junior Warden and Bro Luke Byron as Inner Guard. W Bro Richard East acted as Director of Ceremonies and Almoner.

In his Almoner's report W Bro East identified both Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Ian Johnson and W Bro Ben Foundling who were unable to attend due to ill-health.

In my Charity Steward's report I highlighted the annual summer fayre organised by the Friends of Connaught Court which will be held on 8th June. The Lodge Committee will determine an appropriate donation to be made by the Lodge. I conveyed the news that W Bro Tony Randle will be the Provincial Lodge Ambassador for Thesaurus Lodge for Festival 29. Lodge Secretary Bro Malcolm Dale will arrange a suitable date for W Bro Randle to attend the Lodge.

The main business of the meeting was to receive a presentation from W Bro Rob Mckenna entitled 'Solomon- Quenching Your Thirst'. W Bro Mckenna explained the scope and uses of the online learning tool and how all Freemasons can benefit from its encyclopedic coverage of topics related to Freemasonry. The presentation included a handout which incorporated QR codes to enable the Brethren to access the Solomon website. The presentation was most stimulating and informative.

Following the presentation WM Hunt asked me as Charity Steward to give a short presentation on Festival 29, which I duly did.
Following the risings, the Lodge meeting was duly closed.

At the Festive Board I sat opposite W Bro Nigel Bell, who had acted as Junior Deacon, and in the company of W Bro Steve Burns, W Bro David Harrison, W Bro Mike East and W Bro Rudston. Lively conversation ensued.

Two toasts were submitted. No visitors were present.

The raffle raised £100.

In his parish notes WM Hunt looked forward to the next Lodge meeting on 9th May when a second degree ceremony is due to take place.

The gridlock in the city centre had disappeared by the time I made my way back to my car for the journey home. The journey to the Lodge meeting had been most worthwhile.

W Bro Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward

Friday 5th April 2024

Brough Lodge 5464

Report by Malcolm Forbes

I visited Brough Lodge as a member of Thesaurus Lodge 3891 in support of Worshipful Master W Bro Matthew Hunt and ten other members of Thesaurus Lodge.

The evening was a special occasion for not only was the Lodge to hold an initiation ceremony but also it was the last Provincial visit of the Provincial Senior Grand Warden W Bro Steve Cox before his promotion to Assistant Provincial Grand Master at the annual Provincial Craft Convocation meeting on 11th May.

Altogether there were twenty-one visitors who along with members of Brough Lodge took their seats in a crowded Lodge Room.

The meeting was duly tyled at 6.30 pm.

Worshipful Master W Bro Brian Fletcher welcomed the visitors before opening the meeting. After the opening, W Bro Ben Kelly, a member of De La Pole Lodge 1605 and Holderness Lodge 3563 who was acting as DC for W Bro Cox, was admitted into the meeting. To a fanfare W Bro Cox and his escort were likewise admitted. W Bro Cox expressed his surprise and delight on his welcome when he took his seat alongside WM W Bro Fletcher.

A portion of the Ancient Charge and a by-law of the Lodge was read out by Lodge Secretary W Bro Mel Harmer, the minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st March were duly confirmed and a comprehensive Almoner's report was delivered by Lodge Almoner W Bro Tony Calvert.

The main business of the meeting was to initiate Mr Paul Young. It had been intended that the Lodge would hold a double initiation ceremony but unfortunately the other candidate was unable to attend due to ill-health.

The initiation ceremony was conducted with the utmost skill and efficiency. An exemplar was the Junior Warden Bro Ashley Laverick who left his seat to deliver an impeccable Address at the North-East Corner. The Lodge Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Andrew Chan presided over a model ceremony.

Following the initiation ceremony, Lodge Charity Steward W Bro Steve Berry delivered the Charity Steward's report in which he reminded the Brethren of the significance of Festival 29, which is due to begin on 11th May.

Greetings from Grand Lodge were given by Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman. In turn, W Bro Cox gave greetings on behalf of the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings. W Bro Alan Todd, the Worshipful Master of Humber Lodge 57, gave greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge with both W Bro Wildman and myself, as members of the Lodge, rising in support. I offered separate greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642. WM W Bro Hunt rose to give greetings on behalf of Thesaurus Lodge.

Following the closing of the meeting, Brethren attended a sumptuous four course Festive Board. One table was occupied by ten members of Thesaurus Lodge with two members of the Lodge being sat in proximity on the top table. The camaraderie of members of Thesaurus Lodge was self-evident throughout the evening.

In his response to his toast as representative of the Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Cox with his usual humour and panache thanked everyone who had made the evening so enjoyable.

Bro Young in his response to the toast to the candidate also made it clear how special the evening was to him.

After the Entered Apprentice's Song had been sung, the Brethren formed a circle, the Masonic significance of which was explained to Bro Young by W Bro John Wilson. The response to the visitors toast was made by W Bro Hunt, who made it clear that all the visitors had appreciated a very special night.

The raffle proved exceptionally lucky for members of Thesaurus Lodge with five members, including myself, winning raffle prizes.

In his parish notes WM W Bro Fletcher thanked W Bro Wildman for adding to the majesty of the evening with his musical accompaniment.

It was indeed a fine evening.

[Photo: Ben Kelly, Tony Christnas, Brian Fletcher, Paul Young, Steve Cox, Ashley Laverick, Malvin Sharpless.]

For the Humber Lodge blog of this event see this date on

Malcolm Forbes, visitor.


Monday 25th March 2024:

Brother Henry becomes a Master Mason

report by Eddie Wildman

It is almost two years ago when Bro Nigel Henry became a member of the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, and it was a year after that he was passed to the Second Degree. Today he completed the third side of the Masonic Square by becoming a Master Mason in one of the most impressive ceremonies I have seen for a long time.

When a man takes his 1° he is introduced to the principles of the Craft; in the 2° he is encouraged to examine his life and actions in more depth, building on the foundations previously taught through experience and imitation. In the 3° he turns his mind to more serious issues, participating in a masonic tale which takes him further in self examination, preparing him for the future.

Junior Deacon Bro Henry had learnt the necessary answers to the questions essential for his being admitted to a Master Mason's Lodge, and while he was being prepared for the ceremony, the Lodge was prepared to receive him. On this occasion the Office of Junior Deacon was taken by W Bro Colin Shields. Bro Henry was admitted by the Tyler (Bro Ian Montgomery) and taken round the Lodge Room by W Bros Shields and Chris Brown, giving the password to the Wardens, Bros Fuller and Walker, and was obligated by the Worshipful Master, W Bro Tom Cawkwell.

Meanwhile, the Lodge Mentor, W Bro Barry Longstaff had retired with Fellowcraft Bro Ian Walker: they were looking at the 1° Tracing Board and teasing out the meanings of the articles thereon.

The ritual in the Lodge Room was excellent. Bro Henry was obligated by the WM after which the restrospect, one of the most important Masonic explanations in the canon, was superbly delivered by W Bro Barry Kensett. Interposed within this piece is the Sprig of Acacia, given on this occasion by W Bro John Towler while solemn music was heard in the background. W Bro Chris Brown relinquished his wand to the DC, W Bro Richard Green as he explained the signs of the degree and their symbolic meanings.

Bro Ian Fuller invested Bro Henry with the Master Mason's Apron, with its distinctive three rosettes, after which I had the privilege of giving Bro Henry an account of the Traditional History, and explained the symbolism of the 3° Tracing Board before Bro Ian Fuller gave a faultless rendition of the Working Tools. W Bro Cawkwell delivered the Charge.

Back in the Second Degree, W Bro Longstaff returned with Bro Walker and the Lodge was lowered to the First Degree. Bro Walker had prepared a nugget about the precise meaning of the words "just, perfect and regular" when used masonically which was commendably delivered. The Master took reports and closed the Lodge.

We were sparsely populated, and some Brethren with other duties didn't stay to eat afterwards, but the reduced numbers led to an increased intimacy amongst the Brethren there. There were some surprising periods of silence as everyone was enjoying Luke Pyrah's cooking too much to waste time talking.

It had been a lovely evening, quietly meaningful and fraternal. Congratulations to Bro Henry, and indeed to the Lodge in general for sterling work.

[Photograph of Bro Nigel Henry and WM W Bro Tom Cawkwell by W Bro Barry Longstaff.]

Eddie Wildman


Saturday 23rd March 2024:

Vivat Cornerstone

The Latin word "vivat" means "long live" - "vivat rex" = "Long live the king." But the expression is also one of hope and rejoicing; when used  with a toast, for example, both an acclamation and applause.

It's an ideal expression to use following the consecration of the Cornerstone Lodge which filled the Beverley Road Masonic Hall to capacity. While the consecration ceremony itself was timed to begin at 11:00 (and it was bang on time) Brethren were required to be in their seats for 10:45 (just about) and there had been rehearsals before that - indeed some of the folk there had been there at 08:00 not only to rehearse but to check out and finalise the setting up of the tables in the dining hall from the day before as well as the artifacts in the Lodge. (The corn, the wine, the oil, the salt . . .)


Day before? The planning had been going on for weeks, months and even a year before that. Seeing the texts and WhatsApp messages exchanged from the beginning, and the incremental growth of Bro Steve Walker's idea to promote the learning elements of the Craft amongst like-minded young Freemasons was an indication of the astonishing progress made in a remarkably short time. Conception to consecration - vivat vivat!

A provincial Masonic consecration ceremony of a Lodge is always carried out by the Provincial Grand Master with the assistance of the Active Team of Provincial Grand Lodge Officers. The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Dr David Chambers was therefore in attendance with his Sword and Standard Bearers, and others including W Bro Ian Syddall as Provincial Grand Tyler. These officers all participated in the magnificent symbolic ceremonial. The V W Deputy Provincial Grand Master was there, plus Rulers from other Provinces.

A consecration is an act whereby something is seperated from secular or profane use and dedicated to the sacred, here in this time and place the Cornerstone Lodge was essentially built to the honour and glory of TGAOTU.

I shall not dilate on the dignity and symbolism of the ceremony, except to say that the first part, under the auspices of Provincial Grand Lodge, was essentially to build the new Lodge and install its WM, W Bro Barry Longstaff. The second part was for the Officers of the new Lodge to be appointed and installed. Both parts were executed with great solemnity, all present being aware not only of the rarity of the event, but of its accompanying message of inner worth and integrity. Powerful addresses were given to the Master, to the Wardens, W Bros Tom Cawkwell and Alex McCallum, and to the assembled Brethren.

It was impossible to manage a snapshot showing everybody on the dias - even just the consecrating team, members and honorary members struggled to be seen but there was a pause for photographs before the Brethren descended to the dining hall below (and to the bar.)

The festive board (a munificent spread, as we have come to expect from Luke Pyrah, the Chef) had been organised with equal expertise - places marked for those who had opted for cheese or sweet dessert, or with particular dietary requirements. Drinks had been ordered at the bar in advance and in were in place for the thirsty diners. The Installing Officers and distinguished Brethren were seated amongst the rest of us and the food was served by members of the Provincial Stewards Team (who had been on duty from before the beginning, directing drivers to places in the car park (which was very full.)) The Brethren were more relaxed, and the conversation flowed as freely as the wine, but there was still a great sense of the importance of the occasion, and when in his response to the toast to the Master W Bro Longstaff remarked he felt humbled by the occasion many heads nodded in agreement, including mine. It was an honour to be there.

I was delighted as an honorary member of the Andrew Marvell Lodge to see so many L5642 Brethren there, not only the WM W Bro Tom Cawkwell as SW, Lodge Mentor Barry Longstaff as Primus Master and JW Steve Walker, but W Bro Colin Shields, Chris Brown, W Bro Chris leFevre as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer and others as visitors. There were lots of visitors from all over the Province and beyond.

The toasting at the Cornerstone festive board is accompanied by "vivats", and reinforced with firing glasses. The procedure was demonstrated and led by the Lodge DC, W Bro James Ashby-Kelly, and the acclamation of one hundred-plus Brethren in the final toast was louder than a brass band fanfare. Vivat!

Eddie Wildman, Hon. member


Saturday 16th March 2024:

Visit to the  Technical Lodge 5666 

report by Malcolm Forbes

I visited Technical Lodge for the first time since the Installation meeting on 11th November 2023.

Following a discussion with Bro Steve Walker, the Junior Warden of Andrew Marvell 5642, after the  Lodge of Instruction on 11th March, I resolved to join him at the regular Technical Saturday night Lodge meeting.  Steve is the Junior Deacon there. I made the right decision.

I arrived at Beverley Road Masonic Hall at 5.45 pm and was soon engaged in friendly conversation with the Brethren. The Lodge tyled at 6.30 pm. The Worshipful Maste,r W Bro Ian Parkinson welcomed me as a visitor.

In his salutations Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman explained the distinction between a Grand Lodge Officer and Grand Lodge members.

The main business of the meeting was to pass Bro Ken Wright to the Second Degree. Bro Wright was conducted most capably through the ceremony by Bro Walker, the Junior Deacon, and Bro Michael Andrew, the Senior Deacon.

All the ritualists deserved commendation. Amongst the ritualists, W Bro Wildman presented the Second Degree Working Tools impeccably.

WM Parkinson presided over the ceremony with distinction aided by his affable nature.

The Lodge reports followed the ceremony. The Brethren approved a donation of £250 to Dove House. W Bro Philip Daniels, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dove House, expressed his gratitude for the donation. Later a notice of motion was put forward to make a donation of £300 from the Charity accounts to Beverley Male Voice Choir, who had entertained the Lodge at the Christmas Lodge meeting in December 2023.

Stand-in Lodge Secretary and Lodge Membership Officer W Bro Steve Berry reported two potential candidates were awaiting interview by members of the Lodge Committee with a view to initiation into the Lodge. He also read out a letter from W Bro Alan Shand, Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Beverley Road Masonic Hall Ltd, outlining the financial issues affecting the building and the potential impact for Lodges which meet there.

In the risings, W Bro Wildman responded on behalf of Grand Lodge and subsequently Humber Lodge 57. As a member of Humber Lodge I rose in unison when Lodge greetings were given. I also gave greetings with Bro Walker on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge.

The Lodge meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

At the Festive Board I sat at the top table alongside Lodge Almoner Bro Bill Turner-Bone. As I am the Lodge Almoner of De La Pole Lodge 1605 the two of us had much in common to talk about.

The meal at the Festive Board was a culinary delight. Praise indeed to Chef Luke Pyrah and his staff!

An extended toast list was submitted and proposed. At the request of the Worshipful Master and the Senior Warden Bro Ash Versali I accepted the invitation to respond to the visitors toast. The visitors song was sung before my response, in which I commented on the joyous nature of the evening. It is clear that Technical is a progressive Lodge with its members being fully committed to ritual as well as enjoying their Freemasonry.

Before delivering the parting toast, WM Parkinson in his parish notes reflected on a memorable evening which had brought the best out of the Lodge and its members. The parting toast was delivered at 10.0 pm.

Eddie Wildman's comments for this date can be found on the Humber website blogpage.

Malcolm Forbes

Thursday 13th March 2024:

Thesaurus 3891 Installation

report by Malcolm Forbes

On route to Dagger Lane Masonic Hall I gave a lift to W Bro Chris Lefevre, the IPM and Lodge Almoner of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, who as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer was attending the meeting as part of the Provincial team. Under W Bro Lefevre's guldance I found a parking space on South Church Side outside Hull Minster within a few hundred yards of the Masonic Hall.

On arrival we were greeted by the Brethren present and welcoming tea and coffee was available.

The meeting tyled at 5.30 pm. I took my seat in the Lodge Room between W Bro Peter Stokes, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge of St Michael 7833, and W Bro Peter Kenyon-Brodie, the Worshipful Master of Phoenix Lodge 9663.

Outgoing Worshipful Master W Bro Adam Watson duly opened the Lodge meeting.

After the opening, a strong Provincial team was escorted in headed by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master the Very Worshipful Brother Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith. He took the gavel from WM W Bro Watson and introduced the team which included the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Chris Thomas. Another ruler in attendance was Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Ian Johnson, a member of Thesaurus Lodge 3891.

W Bro Steve Burns, who was invested as WM of Thesaurus Lodge in 2022, formed part of the Provincial team. Also included in the Provincial team was W Bro Colin Shields, the Treasurer and Lecture Master of Andrew Marvell Lodge.
The meeting was further enhanced by the presence of Grand Lodge Officers W Bro Eddie Wildman and W Bro David Burnett.

Unfortunately, Chaplain W Bro Adrian Hayward, who is also Chaplain of Andrew Marvell Lodge, was unable to attend the meeting. W Bro John Watson, the father of outgoing WM W Bro Adam Watson, stood in as Chaplain.

Before the Installation of Bro Matthew Hunt into the Chair of King Solomon, Lodge reports were presented. As Lodge Charity Steward I gave a short verbal report on Festival 29 to accompany the written report previously sent to Brethren by Lodge Secretary Bro Malcolm Dale.

The Installation of Bro Hunt and his Officers was conducted most ably by WM Watson with the assistance of the Installing Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Richard East. The Inner Workings and the placing of W Bro Hunt into the Worshipful Master's Chair merited praise.

The Installation of Officers reflected both youth and experience. Bro Neil Tomlin was invested as Senior Warden. Bro Pericles (P J) Miller was invested as Junior Warden. W Bro Mike East replaced Bro Tomlin as Treasurer.

I was invested again as Charity Steward.

he Address to the Master was delivered by the Deputy PGM. The Address to the Wardens was presented by W Bro Wildman and the Address to the Brethren was spoken by W Bro Johnson. All three Adresses were delivered to the highest standard. W Bro Paul Ralph, a member of Alexandra Lodge 1511, sang the Master's Song, and provided vocal accompaniment to the music played by W Bro Wildman when Lodge Brethren perambulated around the Lodge room as the Lodge was lowered from the third, through the second, to the first degree.

WM Hunt thanked the Installing Officers and IPM W Bro Watson for the hard work and professionalism in the organisation of the Installation.

I stood up as a member of Humber Lodge 57 in conjunction with W Bro Wildman as he gave greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge. All the greetings from the visitors, who included a Provincial member from the Irish Constitution, commended the Installation.

Following the close of the meeting and the singing of the Closing Hymn, photographs were taken of the Provincial team alongside the Lodge Officers.

The Festive Board was well attended with forty-five diners, including twenty-one visitors from fifteen sister Lodges. I was in distinguished company as I sat between W Bro Wildman and Bro Stuart Gamble, both members of Thesaurus Lodge. Directly opposite me was W Bro Shields, who was sat between W Bro Burns and W Bro Mark Rudston, whom Bro PJ Miller had replaced as Junior Warden.

To facilitate the Festive Board, the early toasts to the King and the Grand Master and the third toast to the Grand Officers were submitted before the meal was served. The four course meal satisfied the taste buds and appetites of the Brethren. On resumption of the toasts a full toast list of ten toasts was completed.

In his response the Deputy PGM recognised the strengths of Thesaurus Lodge. The Lodge has thirty-one subscribing members, with an average age below that of other Lodges in the Province. The Lodge is looking to the future as it encourages its younger members to take up Office and engage in Lodge activities.

The toast to the WM and his Officers was proposed eloquently by Lodge Mentor W Bro Rob McKenna. In his response WM Hunt thanked everyone who had helped him since his initiation in 2015 and promised to work hard to promote the Lodge during his year in the Chair.

W Bro John Watson proposed an emotional toast to the IPM, his son W Bro Adam Watson, and his team of Officers.

The response to the visitors toast was given by W Bro David Morton, the WM of the Lodge of St Germain 566 in Selby. From the handshakes he received on arrival to the ritual and Festive Board, W Bro Morton was highly complementary of the evening.

The raffle raised £245, which will go to the Lodge's Charity Account.

The Worshipful Master delivered the parting toast.

I accompanied W Bro Lefevre back to my car and drove him home in the knowledge that the evening had been well spent.

Malcolm Forbes
Charity Steward


Wednesday 13th March 2024:

 Latest Initiation into the Oldest Lodge in Hull

 by Malcolm Forbes, Invited Guest


It was good to catch up with the Brethren of Minerva Lodge, many of whom I know through membership of Minerva Chapter 250, Minerva Mark Lodge 250 and Minerva RAM 12TI. I had only confirmed my attendance some forty-eight hours before the meeting through Lodge Secretary W Bro Tom Cawkwell, the Worshipful Master of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642. Unfortunately, Assistant Secretary W Bro Chris Brown, who also holds the Office of Senior Deacon in Andrew Marvell Lodge, was unable to attend the meeting.

Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman was also unable to attend due to his attendance at Grand Lodge for a Quarterly Communication meeting in London. As a member of Humber Lodge he had accompanied another member of L57 to the meeting at Grand Lodge.

In addition to the Lodge's own Brethren, there were visitors attending Dagger Lane from the Province of West Wales, the Province of Cornwall and the Province of Lincolnshire.

Minerva Lodge is proud of its history, tradition and ritual and the warm welcome it gives with much justification. The Lodge now meets nine times per year on the second Wednesday of the month, with Minerva Chapter meeting on the second Wednesday of the month three times per year when Minerva Lodge does not meet.

The Lodge tyled at 6.30 pm. Stand-in Worshipful Master W Bro Kevin Marshall duly opened the Lodge.

The main business of the meeting was to initiate Christopher Milner, who had been proposed by W Bro Danny Betts and seconded by W Bro Richard Theaker on 13th December 2023 and balloted for on 10th January 2024.

Stand-in Junior Deacon Bro Simon Tompkins ably conducted Mr Milner through the initiation. Director of Ceremonies W Bro Theaker ensured the ceremony was conducted to the high standards associated with Minerva Lodge.

The working tools were presented to Bro Milner by Bro Ian Hill, a member of Zetland Lodge 1071 in the Province of Cornwall. Bro Hill had known Bro Milner for some forty years since their time together serving in the Royal Navy. Bro Hill's ritual along with that of the other ritualists was exemplary.

Following the initiation, Lodge reports were delivered: Lodge Charity Steward and IPM W Bro Dave Green highlighted Festival 29 and how Brethren can donate to the Festival in his report. In his Treasurer's report, Organist and Treasurer W Bro Graham Miles reviewed the Lodge's finances and indicated that due to rising costs which Lodges have to meet it would be necessary to propose a notice of motion at the Lodge's meeting in May to increase the annual membership subscriptions. In his Royal Arch Representative's report W Bro Tadeusz Krawczyk reported that the Chapter had increased its membership significantly in contrast to other Chapters and that an exaltation ceremony is due to take place at the next meeting on 10th April 2024.

In giving greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge, in common with other visitors, I was pleased to congratulate WM Marshall and his Officers on the excellence of the initiation ceremony and the meeting.

Upon closing the meeting the closing hymn was sung.

The Festive Board was attended by twenty-four Brethren. I took my place next to Junior Warden Bro Kurt Crawford and Lodge Almoner W Bro Malcolm Sharman and opposite to Bro Tompkins.

The three course meal was well appreciated. WM Marshall delivered a long toast list. Bro Hill proposed the toast on behalf of the Candidate. Bro Milner delivered his response with conviction indicating the significance to himself and his family of what Freemasonry and joining Minerva Lodge meant to him. The Apprentice's song was sung with gusto.

The response to the visitors toast was given by W Bro Nick Hammond, a visitor from the Province of Lincolnshire and who was accompanied by other members of his Province. It was clear that the visitors had thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Following the parting toast the Brethren dispersed. I made my way to the car in the company of Chaplain W Bro Mike Ogram, thankful for the personal invitation to attend the meeting I had received from W Bro Cawkwell.

[Photographs: Bros Ian Hall L1071 and Christopher Milner L250; The EPs, DC W Bro Richard Theaker, W Bro Kevin Marshall, Bro Milner and Masonic friends from outside the Province by Tom Cawkwell.]


W Bro Malolm Forbes, Visitor



Monday 26th February 2024:

Andrew Marvell Lodge and the 2° Tracing Board

report by Malcolm Forbes 

Having missed January's Installation meeting due to cricket tours to India and Sri Lanka, it was good to return to the fold by attending the meeting. Change is afoot at Andrew Marvell Lodge with three members who joined the Lodge in January, namely Bro Steve Walker, W Bro Chris Brown, and W Bro Barry Longstaff, taking up the Offices of Junior Warden, Senior Deacon and in W Bro Longstaff's case Lodge Mentor and Lodge Membership Officer respectively. 
In addition to Lodge Brethren, there were four visitors from Minerva Lodge 250, Holderness Lodge 3563, the Lodge of St Andrew 4683, and further afield, the Lodge of Air Unity 7445 in the Province of Middlesex, bringing the total number attending the meeting to twenty-one. Sixteen Brethren would later dine.
The Lodge tyled at 6.30pm and was duly opened by Worshipful Master W Bro Tom Cawkwell.
After the Lodge Secretary W Bro John Towler read a portion of the Ancient Charges and a By-law of the Lodge, WM Cawkwell invested those Officers not present at the Installation, namely W Bro Malcolm Forbes as Charity Steward and Bro Ian Montgomery, a member of the Lodge of St Andrew and regular visitor to Andrew Marvell Lodge, as Tyler. 
The minutes of the Installation meeting held on 22nd January were then confirmed and approved. In relation to correspondence, W Bro Towler read out a thank you letter from one of the Lodge widows who had received an annual Christmas cash gift from the Lodge. 
WM Cawkwell then presented a Past Master's Jewel to W Bro Forbes. 
On a busy night WM Cawkwell then presented a Book of Constitution, Masonic Bible and Solomon certificate to Fellowcraft Bro Nigel Henry and a Book of Constitution and Masonic Bible to Fellowcraft Ian Walker.
The main business of the meeting, a presentation from WM Cawkwell to explain the 2nd Degree Tracing Board then followed. The delivery of the presentation was outstanding and elicited much praise from those in attendance. The interaction between WM Cawkwell and his audience was particularly noteworthy. 
Bro Henry then delivered a Masonic Nugget, which illustrated his commitment to Freemasonry. 
The first Lodge report to be delivered was by Treasurer W Bro Colin Shields, who presented a comprehensive set of yearly Lodge accounts for consideration and approval. The accounts were duly adopted. 
Lodge Almoner W Bro Chris Lefevre, who also stood in for W Bro Adrian Hayward as Chaplain, then presented the Almoner’s report. W Bro Lefevre commented that it was good to see W Bro Barry Kensett in attendance. W Bro Kensett had received a lift to the meeting from W Bro Andrew Peach.
In the Charity Steward's report W Bro Forbes reported on the Lodge Relief Chest in the context of Festival 29. Brethren were encouraged to sign up to make regular donations through the Relief Chest scheme and to the Festival. Festival Jewels and ties which can now be purchased and worn with immediate effect at Lodge meetings. 
In his Mentor's report W Bro Longstaff gave due credit to Bro Henry for the work he had done in the module to obtain the Solomon certificate he had received earlier in the evening. 
A proposition for a candidate to become a member of Andrew Marvell Lodge was then proposed by Bro Steve Walker and seconded by WM Cawkwell. The potential candidate has come through the Provincial membership scheme and the Area Membership Officer. 
In the risings, Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman when giving greetings on behalf of UGLE duly praised the Worshipful Master for an excellent presentation and evening, As a member of Humber Lodge 57 I stood with W Bro Wildman as he gave greetings as a visitor on behalf of Humber Lodge. 
After the meeting was closed in due and ancient form the closing hymn was sung.
The layout of the tables at the Festive Board in the form of a square encouraged open conversation amongst the Brethren. The three course meal was again of the highest standard. Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Richard Green, ensured the smooth running of the Lodge meeting upstairs and at the Festive Board. Senior Warden Bro Ian Fuller, welcomed the three visitors who were able to attend the Festive Board, and invited Bro Sunil Lad, a member of the Lodge of Air Unity 7445, to  reply on behalf of the visitors. In his first such response Bro Lad spoke with clarity and assurance. 
Following the raffle the Worshipful Master (pictured) in his parish notes reminded the Brethren to attend the next Lodge of Instruction on 11th March when there will be a rehearsal for two forthcoming third degree ceremonies at the March and April Lodge meetings. The WM thanked Margaret Shields, the wife of W Bro Shields, for the setting of the tables. He then delivered the parting toast. 
It was good to see everyone leaving with smiles on their faces after a thoroughly enjoyable evening. 
I drove home in the company of Lodge member, Bro Chris Wright, and Bro Montgomery reflecting on positive times for the Lodge. 
Malcolm Forbes 
Charity Steward 


Saturday 24th February 2024:

Phoenix Installation

report by Eddie Wildman

It was the best weather we'd had for ages, the sky cerulean and cloudless and the sunshine encouraging the more timid winter venturers to step out and enjoy the early promise of Spring. An auspicious beginning, I thought, for the Installation of Peter Kenyon-Brodie into the Chair of Phoenix Lodge 9963.

For the fourth time in the week I had the privilege of travelling with a Worshipful Master in the Driver's seat; this time W Bro Alex McCallum PPStdB, WM of the Phoenix Lodge 9963 who lives nearby picked me up and we headed to Dagger Lane, where the installation was to take place. When we arrived, a number of Brethren were already there, with W Bro Danny Betts PPAGDC setting out the dining tables, Secretary Antonio Ramirez PPAGStB placing the register on the Lodge Room landing and the DC Elect, W Bro Richard Smedley AGDC making last minute checks that all was in order upstairs and down. Grateful thanks go to Humber Lodge for granting permission to use the collars and cuffs and Lodge items for the occasion. Four members of Humber Lodge also belong to Phoenix. The Andrew Marvell Lodge was there represented by myself and the Worshipful Master, W Bro Tom Calkwell.

In April, June, September and November the Phoenix Lodge meets in the Sail Loft of the Sailmakers Arms in Hull's Old Town. A working man's Lodge, it offers the opportunity four times a year for the Brethren to convene at a later hour than usual and enjoy their Masonry above a hostelry without the strict formality of Lodge meetings elsewhere, though the ceremonies are of course taken seriously. To accommodate those arriving straight from work, the dress code is more relaxed, and the absence of a formal festive board afterwards makes it possible for those Brethren with wives and families at home to get away earlier. The Lodge is set up in the ancient way, with the principal officers around a table,

The Phoenix Installations, however, follow a different protocol. Held in a regular Masonic Hall (in this case, Dagger Lane) the Lodge is opened in the regular fashion, but the ceremony of Installation cuts no corners. In this instance, the Installing Master was W Bro Alex McCallum, under the formidable directorship of W Bro Richard Smedley. I played the organ at the opening, double-tasking as Inner Guard (whoops, that was an oversight) until taking on the role of Installing Chaplain for the Inner Workings.

Alex, splendid in the tricorne worn by the WM, opened the Lodge smartly in due form after the visitors were vouched for. A report at the door announced that W Bro Jimmy Kerr PPSGW requested admission; this worthy Brother informed the Lodge of the presence of the Representative of the RWPGM, W Bro Tony Dyer, Provincial Membership Officer. An escort was formed for W Bro Dyer to enter the Lodge Room and take his seat by the WM. It was pleasant to see the room full. The minutes were signed, reports were given and the Entered Apprentice retired. The Lodge was raised to the 2°, W Bro Stanley Smith PPJGD took the Chair of the Junior Warden and Bro Peter Kenyon-Brodie was presented and obligated as Master Elect, the duties expected of him announced in Open Lodge. The Lodge was opened in the 3°, all offices declared vacant; the retiring Officers returned their collars and saluted W Bro McCallum for the last time. Those below the rank of Installed Master departed for the time being.

The Inner Workings must remain a mystery along with the Working Tools of an Installed Master, but W Bro McCallum installed Peter into the figurative Chair of King Solomon with great panache, presenting the tricorne to him with a flourish. (The photograph was taken afterwards. It's not permitted to take photographs while the Lodge is in session.)

The Brethren readmitted, the Working Tools of the three degrees were presented by Bros Mark Starkey, Kieran Newton and Alistair Kenyon-Brodie. Worshipful Brother Peter Kenyon-Brodie appointed and invested his Officers. I was privileged to take the Office of Senior Warden; Peter's son, Alistair, was appointed Junior Warden.

The address to the WM was given by W Bro Tony Dyer, that to the Wardens by W Bro Stanley Smith PPJGD, and that to the Brethren by W Bro John Stanley Broughton PPJGW.

At this juncture the SW leapt out of his seat to that on the organ to accompany W Bro Smedley for the singing of the Masonic Anthem. The Brethren joined in the choruses magnificently.

W Bro Peter closed the Lodge in due form.

There was a brief pause for photographs; let me here thank Bros Kelly and Stokes for their contributions!

Despite the sunshine outside it was somewhat nippy in the Lodge Room and the Brethren were looking forward to stretching a little before settling down to the Festive Board. I was in the Senior Warden's Chair, of course, but handily close to the keyboard.

Bro Martin Lauer, the Chaplain, had selected excellent graces for before and afterwards, and we tucked into our Prawn Cocktail, Roast Lamb and Treacle Sponge with relish. W Bro Richard Smedley moved the toasts along swiftly. Instead of the usual National Anthem, the Phoenix Lodge uses the old Here's a Health unto his Majesty, a popular loyalist song in the the time of Charles II - it dates from about 1670. The words were printed for the Brethren to join in - and they soon got the hang of the "Fa la la la" interjections - rising from the ashes, the Phoenix Lodge happily combines old and new. There's no keyboard in the Sailmakers, so our songs there are performed a cappella.

The regular toasts followed. Despite his confessed nervousness, Peter submitted the toasts with style, and at toast five skilfully introduced W Bro Tony Dyer; the two characters have interests in common, including flying, cliff climbing and Charitable work.

W Bro Dyer responded, without notes and at length. As Provincial Membership Officer he said that the Working Man's aspect of the Phoenix Lodge was a positive aspect and should be promoted, but that since Covid, Freemasonry has suffered unacceptable losses. He dilated on the Pro Grand Master's measures to counter this and was pleased to remark that the trend was being reversed. He backed up his argument with persuasive figures. However, he added, it was important that only suitable men are brought into the Craft. 

He enlarged on the duties of the Membership Officer's team, and the process by which requests made by letter or on line are dealt with; the "vetting procedure" and the duty of individual Lodges to ensure that suggested Candidates are the right people for them.

He went on to stress the importance of retention and the care that should be exercised not only to welcome new Brethren but to keep them interested and involved. "They should be 'fit and proper persons,'" he remarked, referring to the familiar ritual. The Office of Mentor came under close scrutiny. His response lasted nearly forty minutes.

As Scotland and England were playing in the Calcutta Cup that afternoon some Brethren politely took their leave at this point. Richard and I decided we would omit some of the songs we had intended to include. The next toast was to the new Worshipful Master - and I enjoyed proposing this: I've known Peter for over thirty years and I was genuinely delighted to see my good friend receiving the highest honour a Lodge can bestow on any of its members. The Worshipful Master's Song followed, and Peter, a little emotionally at first, (such is the power of the song, especially when as well delivered as by Richard Smedley,) responded with an apocryphal story of me falling through his loft floor and landing on a water bed. It didn't quite happen the way he told it. He thanked all his officers and looked forward to an exciting year of Masonic involvement, building on the strengths of the Brethren. "It's not all about ritual," he said, "though we will all do our best. But every Brother has his individual strengths and we want to build on these." He said he intended to make visits elsewhere, continuing to raise the Lodge's profile, and encouraged the Phoenix Brethren to join him in these.

Antonio Ramirez made a beautiful speech extolling the work Alex McCallum had done to uphold the standards of the Phoenix Lodge, and Alex's humble and sincere response was equally eloquent.

Junior Warden Alistair Kenyon-Brodie gave a word-perfect toast to Absent Brethren, I saw his dad smiling proudly.

I proposed the toast to the visitors. W Bro Peter Stokes, Master of the Lodge of St Michael 7833 responded with commendable brevity. The Tyler's Toast was submitted by that stalwart of the Lodge, W Bro Danny Betts, after which it was time to leave. Not having the alcoholic capacity of some of the younger Brethren, I declined the invitation to watch the rugby in a local hostelry, and left with W Bro Crozier - IPZ of the Old Hymerian Lodge 6885. The sun was still shining.

What a splendid day.

Well done, Phoenix Lodge, one and all.

Eddie Wildman, SW


Friday 23rd February 2024:

Chapter and Verse

report by Mike Price

The Wyke Millennium 9696 daylight Chapter meeting at Beverley Road Masonic Hall saw E Comps Craig Maurier, Stephen Ives and Alex Hoggard as Z, H and J. Following the confirmation of the minutes of the last regular meeting, the morning was devoted to a presentation of the Chapter banners and ensigns, extended to cover the background given in the Old Testament, under the direction of E Comp Bazza Longstaff and delivered by members of C9696.

It was a thoroughly interesting morning, providing information not usually available – it merited greater support.  After closing the Chapter, we enjoyed a hearty lunch of soup, shepherd’s pie and treacle sponge rather than the usual buffet, with the expected convivial conversation.  There are many worse ways of spending a Friday morning!

E Comp Michael Price



Monday 3th February 2024:

Perfection - Humber Installed Masters 2494

report by Eddie Wildman

The members of this ancient Lodge, as its name suggests, have all been through the Worshipful Master's Chair elsewhere, and the installation of W Bro William Glanville PAGDC marked the beginning of its 131st year of ceremonies. It was a magnificent turnout: the RWPGM and his provincial army, complete with Banner Bearer and Sword Bearer added gilt to the gingerbread - there was a lot of gold braid on display.

The outgoing WM, W Bro Philip Daniels PPSGW had confided that he was concerned about retaining the necessary ritual for the evening. It didn't show, however. From the first stroke of the gavel he was in magnificent control, with no hint of nervousness; the ritual was perfect, measured and clearly audible. Philip relinquished the Chair to the RWPGM W Bro Dr David Chambers as the Provincial Team took its collective seat, and after resuming the gavel, thanked the boss and everyone else for being there and hoped for an enjoyable evening.

A portion of the Ancient Charges was read; the minutes signed. R W Bro Jeffrey Gillyon gave a moving eulogy for the late John Bridger, TD PGStB. W Bro Bridger was WM of L2494 in 1984.

There being nobody present below the degree of a Fellowcraft, the Lodge was impeccably raised to the 2° and the Installing DC, W Bro Richard Smedley PAGDC (who had taken on the role with only three days' notice) presented the Master Elect, W Bro William Glanville PAGDC, who took his first obligation.

(Until the 18th Century there were only two degrees in Craft Masonry: EA and FC. The WM was elected from the Fellowcraft rank, which signified he had passed his Apprenticeship and was now a qualified Craftsman. This tradition persists today, though in the Humber Installed Masters' Lodge, the only people below the rank of an Installed Master were visitors.)

W Bro Daniels opened the Lodge in the 3°. It was interesting to see the variety of ways in which the Brethren stood to order; different Lodges have different traditions. These variations are part of the rich tapestry of the Craft - looking round the assembled company from the Organist's stool I felt a frisson of pride at being part of this rich tapestry.

All those below the rank of an Installed Master were asked to leave at this stage (there was only one, Bro Steve Walker, who will be mentioned again later) after which W Bro Daniels declared that the convocation now constituted a Board of Installed Masters. As W Bro Glanville had experienced the ceremony on more than one occasion previously, it was not necessary to perform the ritual in full, but he was beautifully obligated and installed with flawless ritual.

The Working Tools of an Installed Master were presented by V W Bro Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith and the Warrant was presented by the IPM. (Often regarded as a lesser piece of ritual in the 1°, the Warrant is important, authorising the holding of meetings and embodying the Lodge's history, showing to whom the Lodge is indebted for its existence. The Humber Installed Masters Lodge also holds a Centenary Warrant. The entrusting of the Lodge's certification to each Worshipful Master is a short but significant part of the ceremony.)

Worshipful Brother Glanville was now in the Chair, and received congratulations from the W Brethren both in formal salute and personally; everyone wanting to shake his hand - and Philip's. The new WM closed the Board of Installed Masters and the Master Mason was readmitted.

W Bro Richard Smedley proclaimed the Master in all three degrees; the working tools were presented along with the Book of Constitutions and the bylaws. W Bro Glanville invested his officers.

The RWPGM gave the address to the WM, W Bro Roger Lewis addressed the Wardens and W Bro Adrian Hayward (returned after a health scare) addressed the Brethren, after which W Bro Smedley sang the Anthem.

That concluded the ceremony of Installation, and the WM thanked everyone, saying he felt humbled and impressed, and that it had been a perfect evening so far. Reports followed (it is good to see W Bro Syddall back as Almoner - he has been dealing with his own health issues as well as those of others) propositions made and greetings given.


The festive board continued with good humour and vivacity. The RWPGM responded to his toast, speaking of the  implementation of change following his eighteen months in the Chair; the augmentation of Assistant Past Masters, the invitation of family and friends to the PGL convocation, the utilisation of the energy and enthusuasm of younger Brethren in Provincial administration, the importance of the forthcoming Festival and the use of the Provincial website.

V W Bro Jonathan Smith's toast to the WM was superb - he and the WM had been cadets together under Drill Sergeant Bob Clarkson - there were some amusing tales to tell. Richard Smedley sang the Masters Song before Bill responded. The WM warned the Brethren not to have a shave just before coming out (the bathroom looks like an abattoir, he said) and thanking the IPM, IDC and Brethren for contributing to a perfect evening.

W Bro John Chapman toasted the IPM with moving sincerity, mentioning the many achievements of the year, and joined W Bro Smedley and myself in singing "Bless this Lodge" before Philip responded, thanking people for their work during his year in Office.

In response to the toast to the visitors, Tom Cawkwell (recently installed as WM of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 - see 22 Jan below) mentioned the upcoming consecration of the Cornerstone Lodge, brainchild of Bro Steve Walker, "inspiring the next generation of Freemasons." This was reiterated by the WM in his few notices before the raffle: as Provincial Secretary has been integral in its formation. The raffle raised over £218.

Everyone joined in the Song "Happy to Meet Again" before we took our leave of each other. 

A wonderful night.

[Photos T to B: Phil Daniels, Bill Glanville, RWPGM and Provincial Army, T Fisher, SW with W Glanville WM and  A Calvert JW.]

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For Peter Stokes' report, see the Lodge of St Michael website.


Eddie Wildman, organist


Monday 22nd January 2024:


by Eddie Wildman

The Installation is a high point of the Lodge's year as a new Worshipful Master is ceremonially placed in his Chair to rule the Lodge for the ensuing twelve months.The retiring Master becomes the Immediate Past Master and the newcomer picks up the gavel and names his officers. This evening was such an occasion.

W Bro Chris Lefevre, an experienced Freemason at nearly eighty-six years old, welcomed the visitors, remarking it was pleasing to see such a goodly number attending, and opened the Lodge with the easy familiarity of a Master at the end of his year. The UGLE officers in attendance (both from Humber Lodge 57) were saluted, after which the Provincial Grand Steward, W Bro Steven Burns,  Director of Ceremonies for the Representative of the RWPGM and sartorially elegant in his red regalia announced that W Bro William E Glanville, PAGDC, Provincial Grand Secretary and Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra requested admission. A retinue of Provincial Officers was formed to accompany the Representative into the Lodge Room.

This worthy man and Mason smilingly acknowledged the honour accorded him after which the minutes were signed, essential business briefly transacted and the Lodge was raised from the 1° to the 2°.

Brother Tom Cawkwell, Senior Warden in the Lodge was then presented to the assembled company as the Master Elect with due ceremony after which the two Fellow Craft members retired, a late arrival was admitted and welcomed and the Lodge raised to the 3°. All Offices were declared vacant and the Wardens' Chairs and other principal posts were taken by senior officers of the Lodge. W Bro Colin Shields stood in as the Inner Guard, the polished gladius looking like a toy in his enormous hands. W Bro Andrew Peach as Installing Director of Ceremonies was an example to us all with his calm authority and impeccable ritual. He directed the retiring Officers to return their collars to W Bro Lefevre and organised the departure of all below the degree of an Installed Master - with the exception of Brother Cawkwell - to retire.

Then followed the "Inner Working" during which ceremony the Master Elect was obligated and placed in the figurative Chair of King Solomon.

The Brethren returned, the Working Tools being presented in each degree, after which the new Master, Worshipful Brother Thomas Stephen Cawkwell appointed and invested his Officers.

The address to the Master was given by his father-in-law, W Bro Christopher Brown PPSGW, a recent member of the Lodge; I had the privilege of addressing the Wardens, Bros Fuller and Walker, and W Bro Adrian Hayward PPJGW gave the address to the Brethren. W Bro Richard Smedley PAGDC gave a fine rendition of the Masonic Anthem - everyone joining in the choruses, after which W Bro Andrew Peach announced with enormous dignity that the ceremony of installing W Bro Tom Cawkwell was now concluded. The new WM thanked everyone for their support, a little emotionally perhaps, as the full weight of the responsibility of Mastership began to make itself felt.

W Bro Glanville presented W Bro Lefevre with a Past Master's Jewel, congratulating him on his work done throughout the last year. Greetings were given from the visiting Lodges; a phalanx from Minerva acknowledged Tom's reputation as Secretary in L250. It was good to see W Bro Garry Crossland, newly appointed WM of Kingston Lodge 1010 stand to greet the WM; Garry later responded to the toast to the visitors at the Festive Board. Phoenix Lodge 9963, the Ridings Tablers' Lodge 9586 and other Lodges were represented. W Bro Cawkwell closed the Lodge efficiently and the Brethren retired.

There were a few photographs taken and the Welcome Page will be updated when the opportunity arrives as the SW, being on call that evening, had to leave. (He returned a little later, but couldn't stay, being needed for yet another call-out. W Bro Brown stood in for him as Warden at the Festive Board.)

The meal, traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, was of the high standard we have come to expect of Luke Pyrah the Beverley Road Chef, and the toasts followed. W Bro Glanville again commended the IPM and the Lodge, and dilated for twenty minutes on the Provincial Grand Master's buzz word, "change", mentioning the databases which will shortly be available to the Brethren, the initiatives planned for the convocation on 11th May and the launch of Festival 2029 along with future promotions.

The toast to the WM was given by Chris Brown, mentioning that at forty years old his son-in-law was a Masonic youngster, half the age of his predecessor, but that he had already proved himself and he was looking forward to the year. Richard Smedley sang the Master's Song beautifully. Tom responded eloquently. I gave the toast to the IPM, a privilege and pleasure.

It was a late finish - nearly eleven o' clock, but it had been a most enjoyable evening. Congratulations to all concerned!

Eddie Wildman, Organist


Thursday 11th January 2024:

Constitutional Lodge 294 Installation 
by Malcolm Forbes
I arrived at Beverley Masonic Hall at 4.15 pm in plenty of time for the Installation meeting which was due to start at 5.00 pm. Other early arrivals included W Bro Barry Longstaff, a member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611 and also Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, who attended in his capacity as DC to W Bro Les Kirby, the representative to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master. W Bro Kirby had travelled from North Yorkshire and replaced W Bro Ian Syddall, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and member of Humber Lodge 57, who was unable to attend due to illness. 
The meeting was opened by Worshipful Master Mike Noble. Due to the recent untimely death of the Worshipful Master elect W Bro Terry Wilson, WM Noble had agreed to continue as Worshipful Master until the next Installation in January 2025. A moving eulogy on behalf of W Bro Wilson was delivered before the Installation took place. 
Three unattached Masons, Bros Mike Brocklesby, Ian Dixon and Steve Falkinder, who were all previously members of Andrew Marvell Lodge, were successfully balloted for as joining members of Constitutional Lodge. All three Masons were proposed by Junior Warden Bro Karl Douglas, another former member of Andrew Marvell Lodge, and seconded by myself. 
The Installation of W Bro Mike Noble as WM was a proclamation ceremony. W Bro David Turner who acted as Installing DC carried out his duties impeccably. I was pleased to be invested as Lodge Charity Steward. 
The Address to the Wardens was delivered by W Bro John Kettlewell. The Address to the Brethren was presented by the Lodge Orator, W Bro Keith Charlesworth. The Master's Song was sung by Chaplain W Bro David Brazier. 
As WM Noble remarked the Installation was tinged with sadness due to the passing to the Grand Lodge above of WM elect W Bro Wilson, but nonetheless the Lodge and the Officers would hold his spirit dear to them throughout the year as they continue the good work of the Lodge. 
The meeting closed at 6.45 pm.
At the Festive Board I sat in the good company of Bros Brocklesby and Falkinder rekindling old acquaintances, and W Bro Kettlewell. The three course meal was met with universal approval. Ten toasts were delivered. 
W Bro Kirby in his reply as representative of the PGM pointed out that it was a special pleasure for him to attend as he has a family connection with WM Noble. He talked in passing about Festival 29 and the need to support local good causes, which was music to my ears. He also highlighted the membership challenge which Lodges are facing. Constitutional Lodge is well placed with a steady intake of initiates, including one at the February meeting, and with joining members. 
Lodge Secretary W Bro Gavin Collinson delivered the toast to the WM and his Officers as well as to the 2023 team of Officers. In his response WM Noble stated that it would be another busy year for the Lodge. 
The response to the visitors toast was given by W Bro Des McKenzie, a member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge. His comments about the evening were very positive.  I was able to converse with W Bro Mckenzie about cricket, a common interest we both share, and he subsequently emailed me about the possibility of umpiring in a Provincial Charity Cricket match later in the year. 
The raffle raised £134. I, along with WM Noble, thanked my predecessor as Lodge Charity Steward W Bro Martin Rowland for all the hard work he had put in over the years. 
The parting toast was delivered at 10.15 pm. 
I left in the company of W Bro Langstaff as he departed to Barton Upon Humber and I departed to Thorngumbald. The evening reflected highly on the Lodge. 
Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward



Tuesday 9th January 2024:

Humber Lodge 57

by Eddie

The visitor, Alistair, increased the number attending by 5%. He gave eloquent greetings from Phoenix Lodge 9963, while his dad, Peter, Richard Smedley and I also stood as members. (Richard informed the Lodge that Peter would be taking the Chair of Phoenix Lodge on Saturday February 24th at Dagger Lane, and asked for the support of the Humber Brethren on this occasion. Watch this space.)

It was WM Alan Todd's first working night at Humber Lodge, and the business was a first degree enactment, with pauses while explanations were given of various aspects of the ceremony: the links to the ancient guilds, illustrated by the unique paintings of the Ancients' and Moderns' shields on the Northwest wall, the irregular steps, the significance of the trowel, the differences between local Lodges and the importance of the Warrant were dilated upon. Many Brethren remarked afterwards how interesting it had been: "We ought to do that more often," said W Bro David Terry.

The stand-in Junior Warden, Malcolm Forbes spoke briefly for ten minutes about the upcoming Festival Pre-launch meeting at Beverley Road on the 29th inst exhorting members to attend. As he and I are members of L57 we could not, of course, extend greetings from the Andrew Marvell Lodge, but it was nonetheless in our thoughts.

The Lodge was closed in due and ancient form and the Brethren retired to the festive board.

Eddie Wildman

Monday 18th December 2023:

Holderness Lodge 3563

Christmas Celebrations

by Eddie

Among the first people I met at Beverley Road were Dean Marshall and Wayne Sutherby from Minerva Lodge 250. "I have one son in Minerva Lodge, and another here," he said, So I'm keeping up with the family while visiting." I acknowledged that this was a good idea. "Will you take a photograph of the Wedding Belles?" I asked, "for the Minerva website?" "Of course," he replied. W Bro Malcolm Forbes was indulging in a pint of Black Sheep at the bar. "I'll give Andrew Marvell a mention on the website," I said. "And Humber, of course."

I reflected how technology has advanced since I was a youngster. In those days a photograph would be in black and white, taken with great care because once the button was pressed the film had to be wound on. Then there was the palaver of removing the film from the machine, ensuring it was tightly rolled and not exposed to light. It had to be taken to the local chemist for developing, which was a long delay and an extra expense. 

Dean took a lovely snapshot and emailed it to me within seconds. (See below.)

However, I'm getting out of order: I'd arrived early and did some practise on the organ before W Bros Greenwood and Tyson came into the Lodge Room to set things out. "Where's the Junior Warden's collar? It should have a plumbrule on it and I can't see it anywhere." Meanwhile, folk were gathering below - wives, widows and friends were keeping Deeane busy at the bar. I joined them and ordered a glass of H2O: today I'd resolved would be alcohol free.

The WM, Worshipful Brother Darren Wiseman opened the Lodge skilfully and dealt with the essential business rapidly. Reports were given, and apologies from those unable to be present were tendered by the Secretary, Bro John Ledger. Then, to my surprise, I was proposed as a joining member of the Lodge and immediately accepted. I was so proud! The Worshipful Master closed the Lodge with equal facility after greetings were given from Humber 57, Minerva 250 and St Andrew 4683.

The guests and ladies joined the Brethren upstairs and the female choir, The Wedding Belles performed. Much effort had gone into organising the festive board: the room was beautifully prepared (by the outstanding work of Andrew Holbrooke and John Ledger) in organising the seating and making the place look so welcoming. The food was up to Chef Luke Pyrah's usual high standard.

Two toasts - to the King and to the Grand Master - completed the formal part of the evening, but the WM made reference to Absent Brethren, bearing in mind those that had recently passed to the Grand Lodge Above. Mrs. Rita Taylor responded on behalf of the Widows, remarking how things change over time, but she was heartened by the number of new, younger faces in the Lodge. "The future," she said, "lies in the youngsters being involved and this Lodge is obviously doing that." She presented the WM with an impressive brass door knocker in the shape of a square and compasses, recalling that her husband had purchased it for the Lodge while on holiday.

I led everyone in a rendition of "O Come all ye faithful" and a couple of other Christmas numbers, including the popular Twelve Days of Christmas after which the raffle was drawn. The proceedings from this exceeded £380 and were to go towards FIND charity which is involved with improving conditions for mental health sufferers.

One member of the Lodge who alas was not able to be present once told me "a successful Lodge is one where the Brethren leave happy and smiling." This was certainly the case this evening. Well done, Holderness!

Eddie Wildman, honorary member



Saturday 16th December 2023:

Technical Christmas Lodge

report by Eddie

It was pleasant to be picked up by my good friend Philip - the more so as Mrs D was in the front seat, looking delightful as always. "Don't tell her that, she'll want more housekeeping," quipped Philip as we headed to the Lodge at Beverley Road.

The ladies were to join us after the brief meeting - along with friends in the good old tradition of the Technical Lodge 5666. The reception room was filling up with folk and the bar was busy as the Brethren climbed the stairs for a brief meeting; W Bro Ian Parkinson, assisted by his DC, W Bro Rob Atkinson, gave salutations and took reports with commendable facility. The WM spoke of a relative having suffered a brain injury following a fall and mentioned the local community P.A.U.L. which is instrumental in assisting such victims as a worthy recipient of charity this Christmastime, to which the Brethren agreed. 

Reports included information from the LMO that the Lodge now had a Candidate for February and other likely chaps in the pipeline. Greetings were given on behalf of Humber 57, Minerva 250, De la Pole 1605, Andrew Marvell 5642 and others.

The Lodge closed promptly at 7:00; a record for the WM, who never uses a sentence when a paragraph will do, and the Brethren were joined by the Ladies and other guests in the Lodge Room. Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Paul Harper PJGD, lead editor of the Solomon Programme then made history by presenting Brother Steve Walker with a certificate, awarded by UGLE for successfully completing the Questions set on its Masonic Website; the first person to do so. Paul spoke of Steve's commitment to the Craft and his initiative in forming a new Lodge to promote engagement in Masonry  with the Cornerstone Lodge, aimed at like-minded Masons keen to promote knowledge and to enjoy visiting new and interesting venues. The Provincial Grand Mentor Mike Cheeseman was also present.

The Beverley Male Voice Choir then entertained us all mightily.

I have heard other choirs in the Lodge over the years, but this one, although reduced in numbers, was head and shoulders above the rest. The musical director on this occasion was Mr Nigel Clarke. The accompanist, Amy Butler, was the best I have heard for a long time. The choir was excellent giving us a variety of numbers ranging from Handel to Irving Berlin, with consistent attention to details of vowel sounds, diction and dynamics, all with a sense of enjoyment and musically. The audience (nearly three score of us) were invited to join in with some items (including Jingle Bells).

The WM and his lady, doubtless assisted by some of the Technical Brethren had decorated the dining room magnificently. Luke the Chef had as ever provided suitable fare for all, accommodating those with particular dietary requirements without apparent effort. Tonight there was waitress service and we all enjoyed the festive repast.

There was a Christmas Music Bingo Quiz - I was fortunate to be with Bro Turner-Bone who was impressively knowledgable about the pop music and called "Bingo" just before one or two others. I was well impressed.

We sang a few Christmas songs followed by the ever-popular Twelve Days of Christmas in which W Bro Mark Cusack surprised us all with his rendition of Six Geese A-laying, bellowing notes never before achieved by the human voice, and after W Bro Parkinson had made a few announcements, the evening closed with Chappers and other melodious Brethren caroling "Happy to Meet Again". W Bro Chapman had also been singing Top Tenor in the Beverley Male Voice Choir - but this time we could see him.

A thoroughly pleasant evening.

[Photograph of Steve Walker by Bazza Longstaff.]

Eddie Wildman, organist.


Wednesday 13th December 2023:

Minerva in the 2°

by Thomas Calkwell 

This evening I had the pleasure of attending the Minerva 250 Christmas Lodge event; a second degree ceremony followed by a white table evening for both prospective candidates and family and friends of the Brethren.

We were honoured by the presence of W Bro John Davidson MBE PGJW as the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master, ably supported by W Bro James Steele as his DC.

Upstairs we had a full but fast second degree ceremony under the mastership of W Bro Martin Wright, with particular thanks to Bro Rich Driver, a Fellow Craft who stood in at late notice as Inner Guard and performed admirably, and to Bro Ashley Tong who had clearly worked hard on both the memorisation of his Q&As and his delivery of the same. W Bro Rick Theaker communicated the Secrets, W Bro Mark Hartley delivered the Address at the SEC and I explained the Working Tools.

Downstairs, the Festive Board was happily convivial, with Brethren, ladies and family and friends alike all coming together in a spirited performance of technicolour Christmas carols led by W Bro Graham Miles!

With a new Candidate proposed in the meeting upstairs and another keen to be considered after the FB it was a successful evening all around. For a number of us, festivities continued at a local bar afterwards as we awaited carriages but with an early start tomorrow, I was forced to bid farewell early.

Merry Christmas Brethren!

[Photograph L to R: W Bro James Steele, DC; W Bro Martin Wright, WM; Bro Ashley Tong, FCF; W Bro John Davidson, Representative.]

Tom Calkwell, Senior Warden


Monday 11th December 2023:

Andrew Marvell Christmas Lodge

by Eddie Wildman

W Bro Malcolm Forbes had a busy evening. He'd agreed to pick me up to take me to Beverley Road Masonic Hall, and there were two other passengers, Chris Wright and Ian Montgomery, who has stood in as Tyler for the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 throughout the year. We arrived in good time, and there were several ladies there already - this was to be a white table evening.

I knew this was to be a short business meeting preceding next month's Installation; I hadn't known that Malcolm was in the Master's Chair this evening, Chris Lefevre being engaged on other unavoidable business. Malcolm opened the Lodge with the relaxed efficiency of a Past Master - there were only a dozen Brethren in the Lodge Room - a sign of the times, alas; I have frequently noted the dearth of members post-covid in this and other Lodges.

However it was a pleasure to see W Bro Barry Kensett in attendance after a long absence and his melifluous baritone lent authority to the singing of the opening hymn.

Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, unlike other local Lodges, uses the tune "Innocents" for the opening ode. It is a deceptively simple melody and it is named from the Feast of the Holy Innocents, as the original words began "Little flowers of Martyrdom". (This feast is observed towards the end of December and is in remembrance of King Herod's massacre of young children in Bethlehem in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus. The slain children were regarded by the early church as the first martyrs as they died for Christ.) The tune was harmonised by the prolific hymnist William Henry Monk and was included in the first edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern in 1861.

Salutes were given to the the Brethren of UGLE and the Province of YN&ER. Sadly, the Secretary reported a couple of resignations; Brethren who have not attended for some considerable time owing to health issues. Happily, three joining members were ballotted for and accepted, and two of them, W Bro Chris Brown and Bro Steve Walker were at the Festive Board later. The third, W Bro Barry Longstaff will doubtless be at the Installation meeting next month. W Bro Forbes remarked that the new arrivals "will take us forward as a Lodge".

There were various propositions regarding the 2029 Festival and charity work after which the Master Elect, Bro Tom Calkwell was declared along with the Treasurer Elect, W Bro Colin Shields.

Committee members for 2024 were elected after which reports were given, the Secretary suggesting that the apologies be taken as read (carried).

Greetings were given and the Closing Ode was sung. Notes on "Melita" can be found on this website on the Humber website Music Page.

The festive board was delightful. W Bro Colin Shields and his wife Margaret had  arranged the tables into a large square (there were twenty dining) and decorated them with lights and Christmas themed bouquets. The place mats were customised. There was a free raffle (numbers hidden under the side plates) for a bottle of bubbly, crackers to pull, and, of course, Luke Pyrah's superb cooking (waitress service.) Background Christmas music enhanced the atmosphere. We sang a few Christmas carols and enjoyed the Christmas Quiz devised by W Bro Forbes (Chris Brown and I almost won but were pipped at the post by Colin and Margaret in the tie-breaker.) Another raffle won prizes for some of us, and there were gifts for the ladies and partners, from the Peter and Barbara Atkinson Bequest. It was a delightful evening.

Malcolm Forbes thanked everybody for coming, extending the good wishes and apologies of Chris Lefevre and ensuring that all the Brethren had signed the get well card for W Bro Adrian Hayward who was rushed into hospital last week with appendicitis. He is now back home and we hope to see him at the next meeting.

W Bro Peach stood and remarked that everybody had been thanked except for our stand-in Worshipful Master, and we all applauded Malcolm for his sterling work during the evening. It was a lovely end to the Andrew Marvell year, and we look forward to a new beginning in January with Tom Calkwell in the Chair.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Malcolm for being my taxi to the Lodge and back home again. A super night.

Eddie Wildman, Organist


Thursday 7th December 2023:

Constitutional Lodge 294 Business Night

by Malcolm Forbes

I arrived in pouring rain at Trinity Lane Masonic Hall, Beverley at 6.00 pm. I was pleased to meet Bros Mike Brocklesby and Ian Dixon, former members of Andrew Marvell Lodge, who were attending Constitutional Lodge for the first time as unattached Masons before the meeting.

The Lodge tyled at 6.30pm. The meeting was opened by Worshipful Master W Bro Mike Noble. There was sadness as W Bro Noble formally announced the sudden passing of the Worshipful Master-Elect Bro Terry Wilson to the Grand Lodge above. Bro Wilson will be much missed as a valuable member of the Lodge who put a premium on ritual. A full eulogy will be delivered at the Lodge's January meeting. In the circumstances W Bro Noble was elected to serve another year as Worshipful Master.

As it was the Lodge's business night it was a relatively short meeting prior to the Lodge's Installation meeting in January. Lodge Secretary W Bro Gavin Collinson and Lodge Treasurer Bro Phil Gibson were formally readopted in their respective Offices. I was happy along with W Bro Keith Charlesworth to be reappointed as an Accounts Examiner.

Propositions for Bros Mike Brocklesbly, Ian Dixon and Steve Falkinder, another former member of Andrew Marvell Lodge who was unable to attend the Lodge meeting through illness, to join Constitutional Lodge were proposed by Junior Warden Bro Karl Douglas and seconded by myself. They will be balloted for at the January Lodge meeting.

Although the Lodge meeting was well attended no visitors were present. There was a full closure of the Lodge meeting as the Lodge was raised to the second degree and then the third degree. The Senior Warden Bro Sam Adkins and Junior Warden Bro Karl Douglas delivered the substituted secrets to the Worshipful Master. Their performances were most impressive and reminded everyone present of the high standards in ritual which Constitutional Lodge sets.

The Festive Board was a jovial occasion. Although the Lodge's Christmas Sunday lunch had to be cancelled the Lodge has a busy programme of social events for 2024 starting with the Lodge's American night in February. Two toasts were submitted.

In his parish notes W Bro Noble gave Festive greetings to the Brethren. The Lodge has a bright future through the hard work of its Officers which has led to a steady rise in Lodge membership. The popular Lodge continues to thrive.

It had stopped raining when I left. 

W Bro Malcolm Forbes


Wednesday 6th December 2023:

Visit to the Kingston Lodge 1010 Installation meeting

by Malcolm Forbes

Having returned from a ten day cricket tour of the UAE where the daily daytime temperature hovered around 29 degrees Centigrade on Sunday, it was a cold evening where the temperature was closer to 29 degrees Fahrenheit when I arrived at Beverley Road for the Installation meeting at 5.30 pm. Kingston Lodge 1010 more than compensated for the cold outside by its warm and friendly welcome. The 159-year-old Lodge combines its amicable approach with historical tradition. 
The Lodge meeting was opened by Worshipful Master W Bro Marcus Whereat. W Bro Gary Shores, a member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611 as Provincial DC introduced the Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master W Bro Ian Syddall, Provincial Grand Charity Steward and member of Humber Lodge 57. W Bro Jimmie Kerr, a member of De La Pole Lodge 1605, was also a member of the Provincial team attending the Installation. 
Director of Ceremonies W Bro Booth handed over the reins to W Bro Michael Price who acted as Installing DC for the Installation of Bro Gary Crossland as Worshipful Master and his team of Officers. As befitting of someone with over forty years in Freemasonry, W Bro Price conducted the ceremony with much authority. Similarly WM W Bro Whereat exhibited his mastery of ritual in installing Bro Crossland into the Chair. 
The Address to the Master was delivered by W Bro Booth. The Address to the Wardens was performed by W Bro Eddie Wildman and the final Address, that to the Brethren, was given by W Bro Malcolm Watkinson. The Master's song was sung by W Bro Price. All rose to the occasion. 
The team of Officers installed during the ceremony reflected the experience of the senior members of the Lodge. Bro Wayne Walker was installed as Senior Warden and W Bro Booth was installed as Junior Warden.  Fellow Craft Bro Carl Procter, who had presented the first degree working tools of an Entered Apprentice to WM W Bro Crossland, was installed as Senior Deacon. W Bro Price was installed as Junior Deacon. 
WM Crossland, who had only been initiated in 2016, at the conclusion of the ceremony thanked everyone who had taken part. The ceremony reflected the hard work Lodge members put in. 
As one of the five visitors present, in agreement with W Bro Kerr, I gave greetings on behalf of De La Pole Lodge. I also rose as a member of Humber Lodge with W Bro Syddall as W Bro Wildman gave greetings on behalf of L57. W Bro Peter Stokes, the WM of the Lodge of St Michael 7833, also gave greetings. 
The Festive Board matched the grandeur of the Installation ceremony. I sat between W Bros Wildman and Price and opposite W Bro Kerr and the conversation between ourselves and Junior Warden W Bro Booth was entertaining throughout. A traditional Christmas dinner was served. 
Ten toasts were delivered. In his response as representative of the Right Worshipful PGM, W Bro Syddall reflected on the knowledge and experience within the Lodge and how the Lodge was moving forward. As Provincial Grand Charity Steward he was able to pave the way for Festival 29, which will support the Masonic Charitable Foundation.
In his response to the toast to the IPM, W Bro Whereat reflected that it had been a difficult year in the Chair at times, with the sad losses of W Bros Peter Adamson and Paul Goldthorpe to the Grand Lodge above being particularly heart rending. 
The response to the visitors toast was provided by W Bro Alan Shand, a member of Lord Bolton Lodge 3263. The response was in tune with the festive nature of the evening.
The parting toast was sung by W Bro Price and the evening was rounded off by the Tyler's toast delivered by W Bro Louis Morgan. 
The evening was most rewarding with fine ritual, fine food and fine company. 
[Photos L to R: WM Gary Crossland with IPM Marcus Whereat; W Bros Gary Shores, Prov G Stwd, Ian Syddell, ProvGChStwd and Gary Crossland, WM.]
Malcolm Forbes PM



Monday 27th November 2023:

Andrew Marvell and King Athelstan

by Tom Calkwell

This evening I was in attendance at Andrew Marvell lodge in my capacity as SW where Bro Steve Walker (Technical 5666) and I assisted W Bro Barry ‘Bazza’ Longstaff to deliver an interesting presentation on the History of King Athelstan and the legend of the York meeting of 926 AD which is the foundation of the Athelstan order. Attended by two distinguished Brethren of the Masonic Order of Athelstan (W Bro Tony Burke & W Bro Ling Fang Yu), the talk was well received and evoked healthy debate about legend vs established historical account.

Downstairs, WM Chris Lefevre presided over an excellent Roast Beef festive board. A wonderful and insightful evening.

Tom Calkwell

[Photo L to R: Steve Walker, Barry Longstaff and Tom Calkwell.]


Friday 14th November 2023 (pm):

De la Pole Chapter Installation

by Eddie Wildman, Gatecrasher

Well, not exactly a gatecrasher - but it was a late decision. Normally the second Friday is reserved for the Ridings Tablers' Lodge 9586, but this event had been moved to accommodate the Craft Masters' Dinner in York; I had a free evening, and a rare opportunity to visit de la Pole Chapter 1605. I rang Jimmy Kerr, who is Scribe E (that's "Secretary" for the uninitiated - both words having a common Latin root meaning one keeps secrets, or one who writes) and asked him if I would be able to attend. "Och aye," he said, "I've had a couple o' cancellations; there willna be a problem providing ye wi' a meal." "Two Kilts," I replied (he's proud of his nickname) "I'll see you there." "Aye," he cut in, "And dinna forget we're kicking off at five o'clock. Dinna be late!" "Och aye, Celtic the noo," I answered, after making sure I'd put the receiver doon, sorry, down.

As soon as I saw him upstairs at Beverley Road Jimmy Kerr stopped me in my tracks. "Eddie," he said, "will ye do me a wee favour? Will ye be Janitor?"

(While the office generally entails remaining outside of the Lodge Room/Chapter, I knew there'd be little objection to me slipping inside where it was warmer once the meeting was under way. The Janitor basically mans the exit and entry during the ceremony. I agreed. Unusually, numbers were down, especially for an installation, the time of year when new officers are appointed, and I was happy to be able to help.)

Jimmy was doing two jobs, Scribe E and Installing Director of Ceremonies. I imagined him reeling from one post to the other while I admitted the Companions: "Password?" "Come on, Eddie, you know me - you know I'm a member." "No password, no entry." I brandished my sword mightily.

It surprised me how many had forgotten the word to gain entry, tee hee. But I was adamant.

The meeting started, and I saw little of it other than through the tiny wicket inset in the door, and at the appropriate time I proclaimed the Representative's DC, Excellent Companion Steve Waudby of the Provincial Grand Stewards' Chapter 9696 (it was my only speaking part so I made the most of it) who, when admitted, announced that the Representative of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Howard Newton requested admission. An escort was formed and processed smartly in before the DC and Rep entered, all to appropriately solemn organ music by E Comp Dave Nicoll.

I snuck in (like following a royal procession with a bucket and shovel) leaving the door slightly ajar in case there were any latecomers who needed running through.

The ceremony itself ran smoothly under the sceptre of the MEZ E Comp Yvon Martin; the professionalism of the senior members quickly rectifying any little slips in procedure. I had to admire Jimmy who had only been told that morning that he'd be coordinating the show. Companion Graham Thornalley was presented and asked if he would comply with the essential duties and responsibilities of Joshua. He formally agreed. E Comp John Appleby (who I think had had his hair cut specially for the occasion and must have reminded him of his years as an army cadet) removed his blue robe of office and promised to discharge his duties as Haggai until a successor was installed in his place; likewise Peter Moore proclaimed his willingness to take on the responsibilities of Zerubbabel elect, leaving his purple robe in his seat.

Exit time: those below the rank of Third Principal retired, except for Companion Thornalley, who was entrusted with the pasword before being allowed to leave. J2K asked those below the rank of Second Principal to leave (there was none) and E Comp Appleby was invested with the robe and sceptre of H; he being recycled was already in possession of the password and terms of obligation. Those below the rank of 1st Principal were asked to retire and E Comp Peter Moore was entrusted with the password to the Chair of Zerubbabel and after scriptural extracts were read, installed. 

The Chapter was declared a regularly constituted conclave of Third Principals and  Companion Thornalley reentered and stood for his scriptural lessons before being installed into the Third Chair, that of Joshua, son of Josadech, the High Priest.

The remaining Companions were admitted and J2K with his usual panache proclaimed the three Principals for the ensuing year before explaining the scarlet robe of Zerubbabel to that worthy Companion.Companion Russell Garbutt dilated on the purple robe of H with the accompanying jewel and sceptre; E Comp Appleby gave the meaning of the blue robe to Joshua.

Yvon Martin, now IPZ, entrusted his successor with the warrant and presented him with the Book of Constitutions and the Bylaws.

E Companion Moore appointed and invested his officers.

There was a presentation of the Tom Moxley IPZ jewel to E Comp Martin; this had been discovered in New Zealand in 2020 and returned to its mother Lodge; now it passes annually to those retiring from the Chair of Zerubbabel.

E Comp Martin thanked the Installing officers saying he was pleased and proud of them all before closing the Chapter in due form.

At the mention of a photograph, the Companions virtually clambered over each other to get in the picture. Don't ask me for all their names!

The festive board was magnificent; braised beef. Luke Pyrah, the chef assured me that the apple crumble had no calories whatsoever, but I think he was crossing his fingers as he told me. I was seated close to John Burton (St Michael) and Chris Lefevre (Andrew Marvell) both trenchers, and they began talking about doggie bags and dogs. Neil Armstrong (Kingston) next to me joined in and I discovered a whole new canine world of bites, whines and growls was out there - something I'd never experienced. "I had an assortment of dogs until I married," said one, "but she's barking mad." They discussed the problems of dog hair: "Moulting?" said Chris "- I just give her a once-over with the hoover." I felt quite left out as they discussed the peculiarities of shaggy rotweillers from the rescue shelter, littering and how owners should be trained. Fortunately the DC called us to order for the toasts.

E Comp Howard Newton spoke persuasively about reciprocal meetings and the Scarborough Rainbow Centre, to which the raffle proceeds were donated. E Comp Paul Greenwood toasted the Three Principals and their officers, enlarging on Peter Moore's being "a great asset" with his organisational skills; in response the MEZ hoped he could "seriously improve the harmony of this excellent Chapter." Yvon Martin, in response to Malcolm Brocklesby's toast to the IPZ gave a sincere thank you for his welcome into the Chapter. Neil Armstrong's response to the toast to the visitors was typically him; short and fluent.

It had been an excellent evening after an excellent day, and John Burton kindly gave me a lift home - thanks, everybody!

Eddie Wildman, gatecrasher

18th November 2023:

Visit to Technical Lodge 5666 Installation meeting

by Malcolm Forbes

On arrival at the Masonic Hall on Beverley Road tea/coffee and a fine array of cakes and biscuits awaited the Brethren attending the Installation. There was a warm welcome from everyone.

Worshipful Master-Elect W Bro Ian Parkinson greeted me personally. W Bro Parkinson was the Worshipful Master of Phoenix Lodge 9963 when Andrew Marvell Lodge hosted a Second Degree ceremony on behalf of Phoenix Lodge in October 2021. As Worshipful Master of Andrew Marvell Lodge at the time I had worked closely with W Bro Parkinson to deliver the ceremony and was pleased to offer my support to him at the Installation.

The meeting was well supported with over 40 Lodge members and nine visitors in attendance.

The Lodge meeting tyled at 4.00 pm. I took my seat between W Bro Peter Clark, the WM of De La Pole Lodge 1605, and Bro Malcolm Brocklesby, the Assistant Secretary of De La Pole Lodge and First Principal of Technical Chapter 5666.

The Lodge was duly opened by WM Daniel Laughton. The Provincial DC W Bro Brian Carlisle, who had travelled from Leyburn, introduced the Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master W Bro Paul Harper, who was welcomed by the Brethren.

The Installation ceremony was conducted with great authority by DC W Bro Robert Gorman. WM Laughton excelled in the Inner Workings when he installed W Bro Parkinson into the Chair of King Solomon. The Installation of Officers was initiated by W Bro Gorman before handing over to the new DC W Bro Robert Atkinson. The new team of Officers reflected well on the Lodge with a blend of experience e. g. Bro David Turner, who will celebrate 50 years as a member of Technical Lodge in 2024, who was invested as the new Chaplain, and youth with Bros Arash Vesali who was invested as Senior Warden and Adam Tunicliffe who was invested as Junior Warden. Bro Steve Walker, who is due to be proposed as a joining member of Andrew Marvell Lodge at its next Lodge meeting on 27th November, was invested as Junior Deacon.

The Address to the Master was delivered impeccably by W Bro Paul Hillary. Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman delivered the Address to the Wardens with his customary panache. W Bro Gorman provided the Address to the Brethren to complete the exemplary Addresses.

Bro Turner sang the song to the Worshipful Master.

Following the Installation Lodge reports were received. There was a proposition from W Bro Hillary, who proposed his brother, Craig, as a fit and proper person to become a member of Technical Lodge.

W Bro Wildman gave greetings, which I stood in support of as a member of Humber Lodge 57, on behalf of Humber Lodge, and I also gave greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge, congratulating W Bro Parkinson and his Officers on a superlative ceremony. As a member of De La Pole Lodge I stood in support with Bro Brocklesby as WM W Bro Clark gave greetings on behalf of De La Pole Lodge.

The meeting closed at 7.45 pm.

The dining room at the Festive Board was set out with three long tables and a middle table. I sat at the middle table along with W Bro Clark, Bro Brocklesby, WM W Bro Peter Stokes, the WM of the Lodge of St Michael 7833 and other members of Technical Lodge including W Bro Frank Lovely and W Bro Hitten Thakker.

The Festive Board maintained the high standards set by chef Luke Pyrah. Ten toasts were delivered.

The Representative of the Right Worshipful PGM W Bro Paul Harper in his response reflected on how well Technical Lodge was managing the challenges faced by Freemasonry in terms of membership numbers and participation of its members.

W Bro Lovely in his response to the toast to the WM and his Officers provided a most amusing reply as he reflected on the time he had known W Bro Parkinson since acting as his seconder on his initiation into Technical Lodge. In his response to the toast to the Immediate Past Master and his Officers Bro Tunicliffe recognised the hard work that W Bro Laughton had put in during his year in the Chair. The response to the visitors toast was delivered with much emotion by Bro Brocklesby.

In his parish notes W Bro Parkinson thanked everyone for a memorable evening. The future of the Lodge is a beacon for other Lodges to emulate.

The parting toast was delivered at 10.15 pm.

[Photograph of the new WM and IPM by Eddie Wildman.]

For Eddie Wildman's account, see the Humber blogpage. For Peter Stokes' account, see the St Michael blogpage. For Dave Green's account, see the Minerva blogpage.

Malcolm Forbes IPM



11th November 2023:

Visit to Lord Bolton Lodge 3263 Installation meeting 

by Malcolm Forbes

I visited Lord Bolton Lodge after a lengthy absence. It was good to see that the Lodge has gone from strength to strength since my last visit with a new intake of Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons. Amongst the 'old guard' of Lord Bolton members in attendance were Worshipful Brother Chris Lefevre, the Worshipful Master of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, and Brother Ian Fuller, the Senior Deacon of Andrew Marvell Lodge. Under the watchful eye of Worshipful Brother Garry Millett, a member of Lord Bolton Lodge and Thesaurus Lodge 3891, I signed in as a member of Thesaurus Lodge.

There was a healthy number of visitors from Lodges as far and wide as London and Richmond in North Yorkshire attending the Installation. Visitors from Kingston Lodge 1010 and Old Hymerian Lodge 6885 also attended.

The meeting was duly opened by WM Martin Tompkins. Provincial DC W Bro Jimmie Kerr, a member of De La Pole Lodge 1605, was welcomed in. The escort of Lodge Provincial Officers accompanied the representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Ian Syddall, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and member of Humber Lodge, into the Lodge room.

Brother Robert Gwatkin was duly installed as Worshipful Master. W Bro Alan Shand, as Director of Ceremonies, ensured the smooth running of the Installation ceremony. As part of the new team of Officers W Bro Alex Hoggard was installed as the Director of Ceremonies, Bro Ian Fuller was installed as Assistant Director of Ceremonies and W Bro Chris Lefevre was reinstalled as Lodge Almoner.

Altogether the Installation was conducted with much professionalism. W Bro Eddie Wildman, when responding as a Grand Lodge Officer in his greetings singled out the excellence of the three Brethren who had delivered the ritual relating to the Working Tools in each of the three degrees to the Worshipful Master.

I stood in conjunction with W Bro Ian Syddall as W Bro Eddie Wildman gave greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge. I gave greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge.

The Installation Festive Board was a veritable feast in vibrant company. Credit is again due to chef Luke Pyrah and his staff of assistants and waitresses.

A full toast list was presented. In his address as representative of the PGM W Bro Ian Syddall praised the Lodge for the upward path it has taken. He also outlined the significance of Festival 29, the MCF fundraising project. The outgoing WM Martin Tompkins was praised for his commitment throughout his year in the Chair. The response to the toast to the visitors was given by W Bro John Abbott, who had travelled from London to attend the Installation and who had delivered the Address to the Master during the Installation ceremony.

Following the parting toast at 10.30 pm there was an opportunity to talk to wives of Lodge members, who, as is a custom of the Lodge, dined separately during the evening.

The Lodge is a model for other Lodges to follow in terms of membership growth, the commitment of its members and a busy calendar of Lodge business and social events.

W Bro Malcolm Forbes


 Monday 23rd October 2023:

The Worshipful Master reports:


This evening’s meeting was very special for Bro Ian Walker as he was passed to the 2nd Degree. Regrettably, Bro Ian arrived at the Lodge feeling very much under the weather and at first it was thought that he may not be well enough to go through the ceremony, but, Covid being ruled out, he bravely battled through and actually managed to enjoy the ceremony but felt too poorly to stay for the Festive Board where we all missed him.

The Lodge was honoured by three visitors from Dreadnought Lodge which meets in Queens Street, London who came with W Bro Danny Betts to see how we do things at this end of the country. I was left in no doubt that they had an extremely good time, were very impressed by our prices, and good stories were exchanged both before the meeting and afterwards. They all left happy with a raffle prize as a bonus.

As WM, I was very impressed by the work put in by the whole team and their efforts made it a very pleasant evening for Brother Ian. Our guest organist, W Bro Eddie Wildman again provided the mood music which enhanced the ceremony immensely. Thank you all!

At our next meeting in November (27th) we will be receiving a talk from Bazza Longstaff, the title of which has yet to be arranged.

[Photo: Bro Ian Walker FC by ERW]


Chris Lefevre ProvG Swd B, Worshipful Master.



Monday 23rd October 2023: 

Eddie Wildman Reports

The WM, W Bro Christopher Bond LeFevre, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer took his seat in the Lodge before the meeting began as walking was becoming increasingly difficult and he had just negotiated the stairs to the Lodge Room at Beverley Road Masonic Hall for the regular meeting of the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5654. He welcomed the "five smiling faces" of the visitors (plus Bro Ian Montgomery from the Lodge of St Andrew 4583 who regularly stands in for the Inner Guard) and opened the Lodge. Another stand-in was W Bro Malcolm Forbes, a member of L5644 as well as L57 - acting as Junior Warden for W Bro Mike Potts who has been unable to attend so far. The visitors included W Bro Danny Betts, from the Minerva Lodge 250 (as is the SW, Tom Calkwell) and three members of the Dreadnought Lodge 4366 in the metropolis of London.

Correspondance was dealt with expeditiously under the capable management of W Bro John Towler, PPDepGDC, Lodge Secretary and the main business of the evening, the Passing of Bro Ian Walker to the degree of a Fellowcraft Freemason (see his initiation on 27th March below.)

Bro Walker answered the questions leading to the degree fluently and with understanding and was conducted by the Junior Deacon, Bro Chris Wright to the WM to prove his possession of the First degree  password. The latter hobbled back to his Chair and Bro Walker was conducted to the SW, Bro Calkwell, who gave him the password (and its historical explanation) leading to the 2°. The Candidate retired and the Lodge was opened in the Fellowcraft degree, the suspended G in the centre of the room illuminated according to ancient custom.

Bro Walker returned, properly prepared and was admitted in due form, and now placed in the hands of the Senior Deacon, Bro Ian Fuller. Ably proving himself in possession of the passgrip and word, Bro Walker was conducted through the ceremony of being passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft.


WB Colin Shields communicated the Secrets, Bro Calkwell invested him with the distinguishing badge of a FCF, Bro Fuller delivered the address at the South-east corner.

Bro Calkwell explained the working tools of the degree and the significance of the perfect ashlar before delegating the SD to advance Bro Walker to the East  to recieve a pianissimo delivery of the second degree charge from the Chaplain, W Bro Adrian Hayward PPJGW.

The questions leading to the third degree were demonstrated before Bro Walker retired to restore himself to his regular attire, during which time the WM lowered the Lodge to the 1°.

The WM thanked his team and gave a brief Almoner's report, supplimented by comments from the floor regarding the health of the Brethren. W Bro Forbes as Charity Steward and Membership Officer dilated on last month's Charity Night (see 25th September, offered Provincial Raffle Tickets for sale and invited the visitors to the Andrew Marvell Christmas Social.

Bro Walker was readmitted in time to hear W Bro Colin Shield ProvJGD give the Treasurer's report. informing the Lodge that after the Charity Night's donations the Lodge coffers needed replenishing.

Greetings were extended and the Lodge was closed, and I managed a quick snapshot of Bro Walker, Fellowcraft Mason with the WM and the Wardens before the Brethren descended to a tasty festive board, at which W Bro Betts, Bro Montgomery and I assisted with the distribution of the food and the collection of the plates.

Eddie Wildman


Tuesday 10th October 2023:

The Third Degree at Humber Lodge

Once again, W Bro Eddie Wildman took the Chair at the Humber Lodge meeting; the WM, W Bro Charles Alexander is suffering with painful ambulatory problems and is currently unable to attend any Lodge meetings. We all wish him well. There were unexpected absences amongst the Officers, too, but the Brethren compensated very well - one cannot but admire the ingenuity of the stand-in Inner Guard fulfilling mutiple roles during Brother Matthew's being raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason - well done W Bro Smedley.

It being the tenth day of the tenth month, the stand-in WM, pedagogical as always, noted that ten was a particularly holy number for the Ancient Greeks as it was the sum of 1, 2, 3 & 4; the Pythagoreans depicted it as an equilateral triangle called the tetraktys, with one point at the top, then two symmetrically beloiw, followed by three, then four. One represented existence; two, creation; three life, and four the elements from which everything is composed. Thus the number ten was significent for the human race, and it was argued by some this is the reason for our having ten fingers.

There was a succesful ballot for a new member who it is hoped will be joining L57 in the New Year.

The ceremony of raising was manged well: after the obligation (ERW) the Retrospect was given by W Bro Tom Lee, the Investiture by the Senior Warden, W Bro Steve Longthorp, the Historical Oration by W Bro Terry Fisher, the Communication by W Bro Richard Smedley, the Working Tools by W Bro Philip Watts, the Charge by the Chaplain, W Bro Craig Maurier and the Questions by W Bro Sergei Byelov. Bro Matthew was conducted round the Lodge by SD W Bro Malcolm Forbes and JD Bro Craig Morrison.

The Lodge was subsequently closed in full in all three degrees, greetings given and alms collected on retirement to the festive board. W Bro Carl Cross, who will be laying the wreath for Remembrance Day on behalf of the Lodge next month, thanked the Brethren for their generous contributions towards this. W Bro Forbes collected alms and for the raffle in his capacity as Charity Steward and was grateful for the generosity of the Brethren.

A table nugget was supplied for the Brethren to take home if they wished, explaining the colour blue with regard to Masonic Aprons. This is reproduced in the Table Nugget page on the Humber Lodge website.

Eloquent words were given as a response to the visitors toast by W Bro Hodgson, WM of the Seven Stars Lodge 5892 in the metropolis of London, and the Brethren took their leave after the parting toast: Happy meet again.

ERW Acting WM


Monday 25th September 2023:

Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 - Charity Evening

by Malcolm Forbes

After the Lodge's four month summer break Lodge members returned for their September Lodge meeting and annual charity evening. Family and friends were invited to the Charity Evening presentations and Festive Board.

As Lodge Charity Steward I was pleased that the Lodge was able to support three charitable causes: the Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf: the Motor Neurone Disease Association; and the Fight Ministry - Hull Training Academy.

Before the Lodge meeting I was able to meet up with representatives of the three organisations.

The Lodge meeting was duly opened by Worshipful Master Chris Lefevre. Taking their seats in the Lodge room were visitors Worshipful Brother Stan Smith, the Secretary of Humber Lodge 57 and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hull and East Riding Centre for the Deaf, and Brother Damian Brooks, a member of Brough Lodge 5464, who was representing the Fight Ministry - Hull Training Academy at the presentations afterwards.

Due acclamation was given to Worshipful Brother Colin Shields for his recent promotion to Provincial Grand Senior Deacon and to Chris Lefevre as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. Colin stood in as Inner Guard at the meeting.

Worshipful Brother Lefevre in his capacity as Almoner welcomed back Brother Chris Wright, the Junior Deacon, after his extended absence from Lodge meetings.

In the Charity Steward's report I secured the backing of Lodge members for the making of donations of £250 to each of the charitable/ community service organisations represented on the evening.

Worshipful Brother Smith gave visitors greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge supported by Grand Lodge Officer Worshipful Brother Eddie Wildman and myself. Greetings were also extended from the Phoenix Lodge 9963.

After the Lodge meeting was duly closed Lodge the Brethren met up with their guests for the presentations which took place in the dining room.

Sarah Regan, the manager of the Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf, delivered the first presentation with the aid of visual slides. Her twenty minute presentation highlighted the work of the Centre on Spring Bank in Hull and the issues facing deaf people. It included a demonstration of British Sign Language in which the audience participated.

Mr Mel Leatherley, the founder of the Fight Ministry, then delivered an amusing anecdotal account of the work of his organisation. It supports young disadvantaged people and people with additional needs in inner city Hull by providing martial arts training and sporting facilities and opportunities in its premises in Margaret Street off Beverley Road.

The final presentation was delivered by Andrew Hancock and Kevin Hara, volunteers who work locally for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Andrew explained that he helps sufferers of the disease whilst Kevin helps those who care for those people who suffer from the disease. Unfortunately, the disease has no cure presently.


After the presentations and thanks from Worshipful Master Lefevre everyone took their seats for the Festive Board. A sumptuous cold buffet followed by dessert was provided. Two toasts were submitted.

The Worshipful Master then presented three individual cheques for £250 to the representatives. (See the Charity Page.)

In his parish notes Worshipful Brother Lefevre thanked everyone for making it such an enjoyable night.

Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward


Friday 22nd September 2023 pm:

Visit to Beacon Lodge 4362 

by Malcolm Forbes

I was extremely grateful to Worshipful Brother Steve Burns, a member of Thesaurus Lodge 3891 and Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611, who gave me a lift to Pocklington for the Beacon Lodge meeting. Worshipful Brother Burns was due to attend in his capacity as DC to the representative of the PGM Worshipful Brother Ken Shaw, but due to domestic circumstances Worshipful Brother Shaw was unable to be there.

Worshipful Brother Burns therefore took his seat in the Lodge room alongside myself and Worshipful Brother Richard East and Worshipful Brother Mark Rudston, fellow members of Thesaurus Lodge. Worshipful Brother Nigel Bell, another Thesaurus member, and also a member of Beacon Lodge acted as DC during the Lodge meeting.

The Lodge was duly opened by Worshipful Master Christopher Anand.

The main business of the evening was to initiate Mr Darren Scroggins. It was a memorable ceremony capably conducted by the Worshipful Master and his Officers.

The meeting was well attended. I gave visitor's greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 and rose alongside fellow Thesaurus Lodge members when Worshipful Brother East gave greetings on its behalf.

The Festive Board was most convivial. The three course meal was substantial. A full toast list was delivered. Worshipful Brother David Bateman proposed the toast to Brother Scroggins. The Entered Apprentices song was sung with gusto. The visitors' toast's response was delivered by the Worshipful Master of Alcuin Lodge 6300, thanking the Beacon Brethren for their warm welcome and hospitality. I was pleased to win a prize in the raffle which raised £136.

It was only my second Masonic visit to Pocklington but I hope to return again in the near future.

Worshipful Brother Burns safely drove me back home arriving back at 11.30 pm. The evening had been a most profitable experience.

Malcolm Forbes


Friday 22nd September 2023 am:

Attendance at Myton Lodge 9808

by Malcolm Forbes


I arrived at Beverley Road Masonic Hall at 10.45 am in time to partake in pre-meeting coffee and biscuits. Thirty-three people were in attendance which included wives and partners of Lodge members.

The Lodge meeting held in the large Lodge room was opened at 11.30 am by Worshipful Master Derek Edwards. Masonic author Worshipful Brother Philip Harrison stood in as Junior Warden. 

Worshipful Brother David Ward was elected as the WM to succeed WM Derek Edwards and I was re-elected as Lodge Treasurer.

Ballots were held for Worshipful Brother Les Sugarman and Brother Les Gold to become joining members of the Lodge. Both ballots proved successful.

The new Lodge Almoner, Worshipful Brother Mike Roberts delivered his first Almoner's report. A Charity Steward's report was delivered by Worshipful Brother Marcus Whereat, who is currently WM of the KIngston Lodge 1010.

The Treasurer proposed an increase in annual Lodge subs which was accepted by the Brethren.

Worshipful Brother David Taylor, a member of Sykes Lodge 1040, was proposed as a joining member.

Greetings were given by visitors Worshipful Brother Ron Stone on behalf of De La Pole Lodge 1605 and Worshipful Brother Chris LeFevre, the Worshipful Master of Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642. As a member of De La Pole Lodge and Andrew Marvell Lodges I rose on both occasions. Humber Lodge was represented by Worshipful Brother Craig Maurier and myself. Visitors' greetings were also given by Brother Ian Montgomery, a member of the Lodge of St Andrew 4683.

The meeting was duly closed.

Lodge members and their guests sat down for the Festive Board in the dining room below at 12.30 pm. A traditional cold buffet was served followed by dessert. The lavishness and quality of the buffet were exceptional.

Two toasts were submitted.

There followed a talk by two ladies, under the soubriquet the Tickton Tarts, entitled 'Life in the Workhouse'. Their historical perspective dismissed certain commonly held myths about the subject. The talk was comprehensive and well researched and received warm applause.

The Festive Board ended at 2.45 pm.

Malcolm Forbes

Monday 11th September 2023:

In Memorium

Today I had the sad duty of attending Lelley Fields Crematorium to say my farewell to a good friend, gentleman and Mason, Brother Peter Grantham.

Peter was one of those men in this world who could light up any gathering just by being there. Personally, whatever mood I may have been in, when Peter arrived and spoke, all was well.

A sad day, a poignant farewell and a gentleman and Brother who will be missed.

Chris Lefevre, Worshipful Master


Friday 8th September 2023:

Report by Chris Lefevre

I visited De La Pole Lodge 1605 by invitation. They were doing a Third Degree and wondered if I would like to join them. Why particularly me, I hear you ask? Well, their Candidate, Aaron Sutherland, just happens to be my grandson.

I was made very welcome on my arrival by the WM, W Bro. Phillip Cowing and the DLP brethren. I was informed that due to a family commitment, Aaron couldn’t stay for the Festive Board as he had to be in Sheffield that evening as well and would be dashing off following the ceremony.

I was privileged to witness a well executed and poignant ceremony where everyone pulled out all the stops to make the evening extra special for Aaron. It was an absolutely delightful ceremony which Aaron can be proud of for all his
masonic life. It did put a little lump in my throat too.

The following day (Saturday), being Open Day, Aaron returned with his partner and relived the events of the previous evening with the WM and De La Pole Brethren.

 Chris Lefevre, Worshipful Master


Saturday 19th August 2023:

Report by Eddie Wildman

I travelled with members of the Ridings Tablers' Lodge 9586 and Technical Lodge 5666 from Hull to York via Gilberdyke for a meeting of the Invictus Lodge 9960 - a pleasant drive in good company. This military Lodge (one of the Circuit of Service Lodges) was consecrated in 2018 and despite the exigencies of Covid has gone from strength to strength. Today at St Saviourgate I played the organ for a full house - there were over three score present, including a team of active Provincial Officers and over twenty other visitors.

VW Brother Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith DPGM is a popular ruler, and unsuprisingly a number of Brethren from his mother Lodge were there to support. (I recall Jono being initiated in the Ridings Tablers Lodge 9586) but there were visitors from all corners of the Province and beyond - indeed there was a successful ballot for a joining member from a Lodge in Sheffield who was present that evening. Andrew Marvell Lodge was represented in the Active Provincial Team by treasurer W Bros Colin Shields ProvJGD and WM Chris Lefevre ProvGSwdB, both tall and dignified in their regalia; the DPGM's introduction of his Officers produced a smile on Colin's face - a rare event, we were informed.

There is something rather special about a military Lodge, not only because of the smartness of the floorwork, the soldierly perambulations, military ties and impressive arrays of miniature medals at the festive board, but also (as the DPGM remarked in his address afterwards) a keen awareness of mutual cooperation through discipline and an ability to get along together despite the traditional interforce rivalry (which became amusingly evident when the port was distributed.) 

The business of the afternoon (a 16:30 start was necessary for the long evening) was a double third degree ceremony: Bros Robinson and Cullen were made Master Masons. 

Fortunately the organ isn't much required during this ceremony in the Invictus ritual and a seat had been reserved for me in the body of the Lodge Room - while the nineteenth century instrument is good to play, its position behind the Junior Warden's chair and a carved lattice affords very little view of what is going on; rather like playing in a rabbit hutch with the shutter closed. I enjoyed a comfortable seat and a good view of the proceedings.

It was good to see a number of younger Brethren delivering floorwork and ritual with commendable facility. This brought a smile to the face of the Lodge DC, W Bro Jack Sharpe PGStB, whose exacting performance standards are an example to us all.

A similar attention to detail prevailed at the Festive Board: the personalised place settings, the colour coordination with the candles and the napkins; the roast beef and Yorshire pudding. It was a splendid evening.

Lastly: my thanks to the WM, W Bro Andrew Philip Hinchciff for the invitation to attend the "Undefeateds" and indeed to all who contributed to making it such a memorable and happy occasion.

[Photograph of VWBro Jonathan Smith, Bros Robinson and Cullen and WM Andrew Hinchcliff in the Lodge Room and the WM and sundry guzzlers at the FB by ERW.]


Saturday 24th June 2023:

Minerva Installation

Report by Eddie Wildman

The Minerva Lodge 250 traditionally meets at the summer solstice, so it was understandably very warm in the Lodge Room at Dagger Lane and the Worshipful Master, W Bro Dave Green, gave permission for the Brethren to remove their gloves if they wished before he opened the Lodge in due form. The DC for the Representative, W Bro Marcus Whereat, Provincial Grand Steward was admitted on a report and he informed the Brethren that the Representative of the RWPGM, W Bro Paul Hillary PPJGW was outside the door of the Lodge, whereupon the Lodge DC, W Bro Richard Theaker organised an escort for W Bro Hillary. Thereafter the minutes, having been distributed electronically and there being no amendments required, were declared carried and signed by the Worshipful Master. Brief reports were delivered.

There were two Entered Apprentices present: they retired and the Lodge was raised to the Second Degree. Bro Martin Wright was then presented to the Lodge as Master Elect. W Bro Green informed Bro Wright of the character expected of him when in the Chair, before the Secretary, Bro Tom Calkwell, read out the duties he would be expected to fulfill. Bro Wright having indicated his agreement to all the above, then took his obligation as Master Elect.

The Lodge was raised to the Third Degree, and all those below the degree of an Installed Master retired. The Lodge was further raised to a Board of Installed Master, and during the ceremony known as the Inner Working, during which W Bro Green gave the second obligation - again from memory - and the Installed Masters saw Worshipful Brother Martin Leslie Wright placed in the Chair of King Solomon and the gavel placed in his hand.

The Lodge was severally lowered to the First Degree, the Brethren were appropriately readmitted and perambulated under the skilful direction of W Bro Theaker, saluting the newly installed master, who sat in the East with a broad smile on his face, proudly wearing his apron and collar of Office. The address to the WM was given by the Representative, that to the Wardens by me, and that to the Brethren by W Bro Christopher Brown. Normal business was resumed, and W Bro Wright took greetings from the many visitors (W Bro Colin Shields giving greetings from the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642) and closed the Lodge, the Brethren figuratively locking away their secrets in the safe and sacred repository of their hearts. The Masonic Anthem was powerfully sung by W Bro Graham Miles, the Brethren joining in the choruses.

The festive board (thankfully a salad!) was a time for merriment - Graham sang the Masonic Anthem and also "Happy to Meet Again" at the end and the Brethren departed looking forward to the next meeting.

[Photograph of W Bro Martin Wright by W Bro Charles Alexander WM of H57.]

Eddie Wildman, Guest Organist


Friday 9th June 2023:

Initiation at De la Pole Lodge

The Worshipful Master, W Bro Philip John Cowing PPJGD opened the De la Pole Lodge 1605 promptly and conducted the ritual with the calm authority of a ship's captain expecting a high degree of efficiency from his crew. It was an excellent ceremony; there were few visitors, but the Brethren were typically supportive, I counted thirty-four from the organ seat, including the Candidate.

After the opening, W Bro Cowing mentioned the four members who had received Provincial honours at York in May: W Bros Ron Stone, Ben Kelly, David Duffill and Jim Kerr; the Brethren applauded, appreciative not only of the Offices conferred, but on the reflected glory to L1605. This was followed by a ballot, after which the Inner Guard, Bro Mike Kelly took a report and admitted the Candidate, Mr Paul Dickinson. Conducted round the Lodge by the Junior Deacon, Bro John Holmes, Mr Dickinson was in safe hands; there was not a word nor even a toe out of place throughout the ceremony.

The WM led the Candidate through his obligation, and explained the Three Great Lights in Freemasonry to (now) Brother Dickinson. Bro Mike Kelly pointed out the Three Lesser Lights and the Signs were beautifully illustrated by Bro Thornally, all lines, levels and uprights enhanced by elegant gestures. Thus enlightened, Bro Dickinson was conducted to the Wardens for examination; W Bro David Nichol (Stand-in JW) and  Bro Ian Fuller (SW), and proved himself to be a quick study. Some Candidates during Initiation become overawed and allow everything to pass over their heads, not really taking in what is happening, but this was not the case this evening, in no small part because the Brethren performing the floor work had taken pains to ensure they were thoroughly familiar with the ritual.

Brother Fuller invested Brother Dickinson with his Entered Apprentice Apron, the belt of which had to be adjusted to its minimum length, the recipient being enviably slim. The address at the North East Corner was given by W Bro Peter Spencer and Bro Thornally rattled the collection box with dramatic fervour, doubtless inspired by Peter's delivery.

W Bro Forbes, his wrist still in plaster following his argument with Table Mountain some months ago, explained the Warrant and presented Bro Dickinson with his Book of Constitutions and the Lodge bylaws. I was priviliged to be asked to explain the Working Tools. I am short and the Candidate is tall, so I was in danger of getting a stiff neck looking at him. This situation was reversed when the Chaplain, W Bro Bastiman, delivered the Ancient Charge. From his lofty height and his position on the dais he commanded absolute attention as he communicated this extensive piece of ritual to Bro Dickinson, who remained totally focussed.

The questions (and answers) required for admission to the Second Degree were passed between the Wardens. Bro Fuller was word perfect, and resumed his seat with a satisfied smile on his face. The Candidate retired, the Almoner supplemented his email report with a verbal update, greetings were given and the Lodge was closed in due form.

There was a brief photograph session, after which the Brethren retired to the festive board, which was more informal. Bro Dickinson responded to the toast to him as the Candidate, thanking the Brethren and looking forward to progressing in the Craft.

A good evening - well done all.

[Photograph of Bro Paul Dickinson and W Bro Phil Cowing by Eddie; group photograph by Bro Ian Montgomery.]

Eddie Wildman, Organist



Monday 22nd May 2023:

Tom Calkwell's Lecture début

Eddie Wildman and Chris Lefevre report 

When greetings were given at the end of the meeting upstairs at Beverley Road Masonic Hall, I was put in mind of the Venn diagrams used to identify sets. (John Venn was a mathematician born in Hull - see the Well Connected nugget in the Humber nugget cache.) The Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 was quite full - indeed the visitors outnumbered the Brethren, with half a dozen Entered Apprentices, from L5642, from Juno 10001, and from a Lodge in Ipswich. One visitor was from a London Lodge, but there was a contingent from Humber 57 (Malcolm Forbes and me - but if you were to draw Venn diagram bubbles to connect us, we would also be in the Andrew Marvell bubble as Malcolm is Charity Steward - and stand-in Junior Warden on this occasion.) Bro Tom Calkwell, of whom more later, is the Andrew Marvell Senior Warden, but as he is the Minerva Lodge Secretary, he shared a bubble with supporting Brethren from Minerva 250: Chris Brown, Danny Betts, Rich Driver and me. The Representative of the RWPGM, Steve Cox, is a member of Holderness 3563 along with Danny and Malvin Sharpless. His DC, James Steele. is a member of Juno. There were other connections, but that's enough!

The Worshipful Master, W Bro Chris Lefevre opened the Lodge, pleased at the number of visitors and asking the Entered Apprentices to stay behind for a photograph afterwards. A knock on the door from W Bro James E G Steele, making his first appearance as Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and his smart entry was impressive; he fluently organised a Provincial escort  and subsequently formed them into a well disciplined parade for the Provincial Senior Grand Warden, W Bro Stephen Cox, whose commanding presence and enormous poise highlighted what the ritual calls "the dignity and high importance of Masonry."

After the minutes had been signed and other essential business, the Lodge was called off. This must have been a new experience for some of the visitors; the VSL closed, the Wardens' columns reversed; but it marks a certain relaxation, and permits the Tyler to enter (while keeping a close watch should there be any latecomers.)

The next business was an explanation of the First degree Tracing board, by the Senior Warden, Bro Tom Calkwell.

The Lodge Room has a painting  after John Harris on the South Wall, and the Brethren seated themselves in order to view this, but Tom had thoughtfully provided photocopies as the detail on the large painting has become obscured by age-darkened varnish.

The explanation is a long piece of ritual, and I was not surprised to discover that Tom had spent much of his holiday time learning it - "I don't know what the others must have thought," he said, "when I was just sat by the pool with a book in my hand, mumbling to myself." It had paid off, though. Tom's measured delivery was crisp and clear, delivered at a pace that allowed the listeners to understand the Victorian sentences, yet with conversational inflexions, and with movement around the Lodge, to hold the interest. I have seen the Tracing Boards described many times, and few explanations were as engaging as this. When it came to the working tools, Tom asked the Entered Apprentices to stand, and asked who could say what they were, handing the items in question to those who answered correctly; an effective bit of theatre which involved his listeners far more than a dull recital could ever do.

Brethren wishing to study more can find explanations on line, and of course, Solomon is a useful resource; I shall not reproduce Tom's lecture here. But I was interested that there were digressions within the familiar ritual I have not heard before, perhaps peculiar to the Minerva Lodge explanation. Rebecca's exhortation to Jacob to flee his brother's wrath and the consequences thereof was given in more detail than I recall - and there were other instances. 

At the conclusion, the WM remarked that "The Tracing Board is one of the biggest pieces delivered in our Order, and I am in awe."

The Lodge was called back on, and reports received. W Bro Colin Shields reported that Lodge finances were sound and that the Lodge of Instruction is expected to be held in September this year. The Charity Steward named the two charities who would be receiving donations at the special Charity Lodge meeting: Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf  and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Greetings were extended (see the first paragraph) and the Lodge closed, after which (some of) the Brethren gathered for photographs. 

The meal was lovely, the company convivial, the toasts under the expert direction of W Bro Barry Kensett, stand-in DC. Alas, the Andrew Marvell Brethren were few in number, some were obliged by virtue of their Office to stay in their seats, some prevented by age and others were typically reluctant to move, so a number of the visitors lent a hand as waiters.Well done, those visitors.

The WM introduced the Representative of the RWPGM, speaking of his love for classic cars and his meteoric rise in the Craft before proposing a toast to the Provincial Officers. W Bro Cox responded to the toast eloquently, with a mild reprimand that no mention had been made upstairs of W Bro Colin Shields' promotion to Provincial Junior Grand Deacon and the Master's own promotion to the Office of Provincial Grand Sword Bearer - both active Offices which reflected honour not only on the recipients but also on the Lodge. He addressed the Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Freemasons, speaking of the value of visiting and congratulating Tom Calkwell on his brilliant presentation. He spoke inspirationally on the subject of Change, explaining the Provincial Grand Master's intention to tap into talent regardless of rank, and of finding out the best people to promote what the Craft needs. Using himself as an example, he told his listeners that a healthy ambition is useful, and that the Brethren should not be afraid to promote themselves.

W Bro Mark Luscolme, WM of the Hull Old Grammarians' Lodge 5129 was eloquent, saying to the newcomers that visiting contributes much to Masonry and to Masons: "Every night you learn something, and cement bonds with your fellow man." I thought again of the Venn diagram - those interconnecting circles, extending, ultimately, all over the globe.

"Happy to meet, sorry to part, and happy to meet again," intoned the WM for the parting toast, and we took our leave of each other, well satisfied both mentally and physically, in peace and harmony.

[Photograph by Eddie Wildman. Perhaps someone can tell me all the names?]

Eddie Wildman, Lodge Organist.

 Comments from the Worshipful Master

The above meeting could really be themed as “The Night of the White Aprons”. We were honoured with six Entered Apprentices from Minerva, Juno (3) and even one Brother, Ryan Deakin-Hough, from a Lodge in Ipswich (Prince of Wales Lodge No. 959) who was here visiting friends and thought Andrew Marvell Lodge worthy of a visit and this was despite him having to make an early start the following morning to get back to Ipswich for his daily avocations.

We did, Of course, have our very own EA, Bro Ian Walker who never ceases to amaze us with his enthusiasm and willingness to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

It was also our great pleasure to receive W Bro Stephen Cox ProvSGW and his DC, W Bro James Steele Prov ADC who enlightened proceedings with their presence and sense of humour. 

What was the entertainment on offer, I hear you cry?

We were treated to a superb presentation of the “First Degree Tracing Board” by our own Bro.Thomas Cawkwell. Tom is our Senior Warden and is also a member of Minerva Lodge 250. Even our honoured regular guest and mentor, W Bro. Eddie Wildman PGOrg was in awe and listened intently. This presentation also involved some audience participation and it was soon obvious that our Entered Apprentices had remembered their initiations. We wish them all well in their Masonic pathway.

As this meeting was the last before the summer recess, the WM was determined that this should be as enjoyable as possible. The festive board was cordial, entertaining and enjoyable and seasoned with humour.

Regrettably, Andrew Marvell Brethren were a little thin on the ground which led to quite a lot of stand-ins, all of whom performed admirably.

As WM, may I wish you all a peaceful, trouble-free summer recess.

Chris Lefevre ProvGSwdB


Thursday 4th May 2023:                                       

                                           Attendance at Constitutional Lodge 294

Brethren at Constitutional Lodge always provide a warm welcome as they meet together before the opening of the Lodge.

As a member of the Lodge I was asked by Lecture Master W Bro Keith Charlesworth to stand in as Inner Guard. The Lodge was duly opened by Worshipful Master Mike Noble.

As the main business of the meeting was to view a presentation by W Bro Andy Nicholson which featured the first part of a documentary film entitled Around The World in 80 Lodges, the Lodge was called off by WM Noble with the help of Senior Warden Bro Sam Adkins and Junior Warden Bro Karl Douglas.  

The Brethren then proceeded to watch the film in the downstairs dining room. The film traced the history of Freemasonry by reference to Lodges in Scotland, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Norway and France. The second part of the film which will feature Lodges in the rest of the world will be viewed by the Brethren at a later Lodge meeting.

The film was a comprehensive account of the development of Freemasonry in different jurisdictions and referenced the inclusiveness of the Fraternity across racial and social groups.

After the film the Brethren returned to the Lodge room where the meeting was called back on.

The greetings included a response from the only visitor, Grand Lodge Officer W Bro Eddie Wildman representing Humber Lodge 57.

The Festive Board was a two course meal with a Mexican flavour of chili con carne and tacos as the main course. Two toasts were delivered.

The evening was both jovial and informative. With its links to Lodges in the USA, Constitutional Lodge was the appropriate forum to watch a film which featured the worldwide attraction of Freemasonry.

                                                                                                              Malcolm Forbes - IPM


Monday 24th April 2023:


Nigel Henry becomes a FCFM at Andrew Marvell Lodge

by Eddie Wildman


Congratulations to Brother Nigel Patrick Henry who succesfully passed today to the degree of a Fellowcraft Freemason. The attendance at the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 was a little low; indeed, a visitor arrived and then apologised, realising he should be elsewhere - at the Juno Lodge 10001 which was meeting at Dagger Lane.

The Andrew Marvell Chaplain, W Bro Adrian Hayward had duties to perform at Dagger Lane, and illness has prevented some of the L5642 stalwarts attending, notably W Bro Barry Kensett, a pillar of the Lodge and we wish him, and them, well.

Consequently some people were taking extra roles: W Bro John Towler occasionally moving from one end of the Lodge Room to the other in the capacity of Secretary and Junior Deacon. W Bro Malcolm Forbes (broken hand still in a plaster cast) stood in for the Junior Warden, W Bro Mike Potts, who is still recovering from a broken leg. The Inner Guard, Bro Hardy was not in attendance but Bro Ian Montgomery of the St Andrew Lodge 4683 slipped into the role smoothly. The Treasurer/Mentor, W Bro Colin Shields acted as Tyler.

The Worshipful Master, W Bro Chris Lefevre obligated the Candidate of course. Bro Tom Calkwell, Senior Warden, delivered the 2° Working Tools as well as the signs of the degree in addition to the ritual demanded of the Warden. Bro Ian Fuller as Senior Deacon expertly conducted Bro Henry round the Lodge, but briefly relinquished the role to the DC, W Bro Richard Green while he gave the address at the South East Corner. 

I had been asked to deliver the Charge after Passing, and to my shame I needed some prompts despite having had four weeks to learn it. I confess that it is a difficult piece to learn - one the great Humber ritualists whom I admire for his excellent delivery calls it his bête noire. But despite the Brethren telling me that it wasn't an issue and that I'd done well, I still feel devastated.

However, there was an intimacy and friendliness to the evening, and Bro Henry looked splendid in his 2° apron, with the distinctive two blue rosettes. From the Candidate's viewpoint, the emphasis changes from the awakening in the first degree: the focus is now on the journey through life and the development of self with new knowledge and wisdom. Brother Nigel Henry gave every indication of understanding what was going on, and paid commendable attention to what was said to him.

The poached salmon at the festive board was terrific, and the DC rattled alacritiously through the toasts, so I was back home in time to write up these notes, and to pass on a sincere website welcome to Fellowcraft Brother Henry on his preferment.

Brother Henry emailed this message for this page:

"It was a privilege to take this next step of my journey in Freemasonry with the support and guidance of the Lodge. My thanks to the WM, WB and Brethren all."

[Photo of Bro Henry by Eddie - using the Candidate's mobile]

 Notes by Eddie Wildman, Guest Organist



Wednesday 19th April 2023:

Provincial (Surprise) visit to Phoenix Lodge 

by Chris Lefevre

Seven o' clock and all’s well. The Phoenix Lodge 9963 has just been opened, but wait; what is that noise outside the door of the Lodge Room? A knock!

“Who comes here?” says Bro Cuthbert, the Inner Guard. “Worshipful Brother Karl Ward, the Provincial DC,” replies the Tyler. “Admit him”, cries the WM.

“Worshipful Master, at the door of your Lodge is Very Worshipful Brother Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and he demands admission”, says Wprshipful Brother Ward.

Enter the escort of Active Provincial Officers followed by the DPGM who accepted the Chair from W Bro Alex McCallum (WM). The DPGM proceeded to introduce each team member in person before handing the Chair back to the WM.

This visit was arranged in complete secrecy over a few weeks, led by the DPGM and between the eventual team participants who came from all over the Province to attend Phoenix Lodge this evening. The purpose of the visit was to support the Lodge and to allow the Provincial Team to have a last good night out prior to the Provincial Grand Lodge Convocation in May, all in the spirit of Freemasonry.

We, the whole team, were not disappointed. We were entertained with an excellent ceremony in surroundings a little unusual but extremely convivial, (the loft room in The Sailmakers Arms, High Street, Old Hull) when Bro Alistair Kenyon-Brodie was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. All the team wish Bro Alistair our sincere congratulations and we hope he has many years to enjoy the joys of Freemasonry. (An account of the meeting by W Bro Eddie Wildman may be found on the blog page of the Humber 57 website on this date.)

The Team comprised:

DPGM, V W Bro Jonath Smith
Karl Alwyn Ward Prov DC
David Knowles ProvGSwdB
John Wilkinson Prov.Registrar
Ian Syddall Prov. Charity Steward
Christopher B. Lefevre ProvSGD
Simon John Simpson ProvJGD
Ben Kelly Asst. DC
Martin Bean Prov Grand Stewards Lodge
James Ashley Kelly Prov Grand Stewards Lodge.

On closing the Lodge, the DPGM retired accompanied by his Provincial Officers where we all further retired to a local Chinese Restaurant and finished the evening in peace and harmony before wending our weary way home.

[Photograph by Bro Martin Lauer, Phnx Chaplain.]

Chris Lefevre



Saturday 8th April 2023:

Eddie Wildman at the Lord Bolton Lodge

I was well looked after at the Lord Bolton Lodge 3263. A late invitation persuaded me to visit for the Lodge's third initiation ceremony this year, and it is no chore playing the organ at Beverley Road. W Bro John Stebbings (who eloquently explained the Lesser Lights) gave me a lift there, and Bro Ian Fuller (Junior Deacon, who guided the Candidate round the Lodge Room during the ceremony) gave me a lift home. It is much appreciated. I was pleased to salute the WM along with Ian Fuller and Chris le Fevre as members of the Andrew Marvell Lodge.

The Candidate (his proposer announced at the festive board) increased the average height and IQ of the Lord Bolton Brethren and reduced the average age - is it a pleasure to see so many young men joining and supporting this Lodge. I had the privilege of delivering the address at the North East Corner, and the newly-made L3263 Brother paid close attention - as indeed he did when being examined by the Wardens, Bros Gwatkins and Shaw. The Master, W Bro Martin Tompkins obligated the Candidate impressively - indeed, the ritual was good all round, and the festive board of the high standard we sometimes take for granted. Thanks, Brethren, for the invation - I enjoyed a splendid evening.

Eddie Wildman - guest organist


Monday 27th March 2023:

Andrew Marvell Initiation

The Worshipful Master, W Bro Christopher Bond LeFevre ProvSGD was in situ before the meeting began rather than being paraded into the Lodge as usual; he is currently hobbling with a stick and did not wish to detract from the dignity of the Office. (He needn't have worried - we love him to bits.) The DC announced the opening hymn (Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 uses the tune "Innocents" unlike other local Lodges) after which the WM welcomed the nine visitors, from as far afield as Barton-on-Humber and Hampshire. The de la Pole Lodge 1605 was well represented, and it was good to see W Bro Chris Brown from Minerva Lodge, there to support the SW, Bro Tom Calkwell, who is also a member of L250. As W Bro Malcolm J Forbes is in South Africa umpiring cricket matches, Eddie Wildman was the only Humber 57 member there that evening. (W Bro Potts is still incapacitated - the JW's place was taken by Bro Ian Fuller.)

The main business of the evening was to initiate Mr Ian Walker, and a very succesful ceremony took place. Mr Walker paid commendable attention to what was going on (some Candidates seem to go into a trance-like state as the ceremony progresses) and from his entry via Bro Ian Montgomery (acting Tyler) to his retirement from the Lodge it was clear he was appreciating the underlying meanings within the ritual. Of particular note was his investiture with the Entered Apprentice apron by Brother Calkwell; while the SW fluently explained the symbolism of the white leathern apron, the Junior Deacon, Bro Chris Wright, fastened it around Brother Walker's ample waist. Tying two cords together while wearing gloves is not the easiest of tasks, but Chris made it look effortless, and picked up his staff of office and took his place at the Candidate's right side in perfect synchronisation with the Senior Warden's closing line.

I had the privilege of giving the address at the North East Corner, whih explains the importance of Charity within the fraternity. The WM went through the questions for admission into the second degree with the Wardens, after which Bro Walker retired to restore himself to his usual mode of dress.

The Worshipful Master thanked the team for their efforts, and then took reports, some of which had already been circulated by email by the Lodge Secretary, W Bro John Towler PPJGD, who is a model of administrative efficiency. The Lodge Mentor, W Bro Colin Shields then knocked at the door of the Lodge to say that he and Brother Walker requested admission. I then presented a United Grand Lodge Certificate to Brother Lewis Kirkby.

I'm afraid my photographs of the visitors and of Bro Walker were not up to standard - apologies. Some mischievous Brother drew a sketch of Bro Ian Walker on the tablecloth, so I took a snapshot of that.

The festive board was happy, and Bro Walker was toasted and the Entered Apprentice's Song performed with varying degreees of musicality by the Brethren. Bro Walker responded eloquently, and the evening moved to its close following the Absent Brethren and the Parting Toast.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening in good company.

[Photograph of Bro Lewis C Kirkby receiving his UGLE Certificate from W Bro Eddie Wildman by Jimmy (Two Kilts) Kerr PPSGW of the de la Pole Lodge 1605.]

 Eddie Wildman, guest organist for L5642


Saturday 18th March 2023:

First Class Performance at Technical 5666

The Worshipful Master's wife's stepfather has now become his Brother: W Bro Dan Laughton initiated Mr Kenneth Andrew Wright in a superb ceremony where none of the officers involved had been through the Chair, and the floorwork was magnificently presented. It was a pleasure to attend such a thriving Lodge, and to see the enthusiasm and commitment of the younger Brethren. The good atmosphere prevailed at the Festive Board too; W Bro Neil Armstrong (from Kingston 1010) who had brought along an Entered Apprentice from his Lodge, remarked in his response to the visitors toast that Bro Wright had made a wise decision to join this fine Lodge and had now embarked on a journey that would enhance the rest of his years.

As ever the singing was excellent: the IPM, W Bro Rob Atkinson took a solo role in the visitors song; Bro David Turner and W Bro Chapman performed their songs with the high quality people have come to expect from L5666. The SW, Bro Nigel Goldthorpe was generous with the whisky and I for one returned home singing happily to myself.

An excellent evening - well done all.

Come to think of it - the Candidate in his white sheepskin apron does look exactly like the Worshipful Master's older brother!

[Photo L to R: Nigel Goldthorpe, SW; Ken Wright, Entered Apprentice; Ash Vesali, JW; Dan Laughton, WM.]

Eddie Wildman, Guest Organist


Thursday 9th March 2023:

 Attendance at Thesaurus Lodge 3891 Installation meeting by Malcolm Forbes

I arrived at Dagger Lane at 5.0 p.m. in time for the start of the Installation meeting at 5.30 p.m. A warming cup of coffee was most welcome on arrival on what was a wet and cold night. Attendance at the meeting was affected by an Old Hymerians Lodge 6885 Lodge meeting being held on the same evening at Beverley Road where Past Provincial Grand Master W Bro Jeffrey Gillyon was due to receive a fifty year Masonic certificate. Thus Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Ian Johnson, who proposed me as a joining member of Thesaurus Lodge, and W Bro Eddie Wildman, who had duties to perform at the Old Hymerians Lodge meeting, were unable to attend the Installation. as was WM Chris Lefevre. W Bro Graham Miles, a member of Minerva Lodge 250 provided admirable musical accompaniment throughout the evening.

In attendance was W Bro Adrian Hayward, the Chaplain of  both Andrew Marvell Lodge, Thesaurus Lodge and Juno Lodge 10001.

Representing the Provincial Grand Master was Grand Lodge Officer  W Bro Richard Smedley, a member like myself and W Bro Wildman of Humber Lodge 57. W Bro Charles Alexander, the Worshipful Master of Humber Lodge, was one of the visitors.         

Worshipful Master Steve Burns duly opened the meeting. Accompanying W Bro Smedley was his Director of Ceremonies W Bro James Steele, a member of Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611.

After Lodge reports were delivered the Installation of the Master-elect Bro Adam Watson commenced. Lodge DC W Bro David Harrison took charge of the Installation ceremony. The obligation of a WM was delivered by W Bro John Watson, the father of Bro Adam Watson. At the Board of Installed Masters W Bro Burns confidently guided W Bro Watson into the Chair of King Solomon. 

After his Installation into the Chair, WM W Bro Watson installed his Officers. I was pleased to accept the Office of Charity Steward.  

WM Watson thanked everyone who had participated in the excellent ceremony.

All the visitors who gave greetings praised the WM and his Officers for their contribution to the ceremony.

At the Festive Board I sat opposite W Bro Alexander. The four course meal was substantial and thanks were later given to Bro Carl Moore, the dining steward, for organising the Festive Board. A full toast list was delivered. There was much good humour and banter throughout the meal. It was a busy evening for W Bro Smedley as he not only represented the PGM in response to the PGM'S toast, but he also delivered the Address to the Wardens at the Installation and sang the Master's Song at the Festive Board. W Bro Alexander responded appropriately on behalf of the visitors.

After the Tyler's toast everyone departed into the pouring rain having enjoyed an uplifting evening.

[Photograph of W Bros Adam Watson and Stephen Burns (WMN and IPM) by Richard Smedley.]

                                                                                                            Malcolm Forbes IPM 

 Monday 27th February 2023:


             Fifty Year Certificate at Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 Meeting

It was good to see a healthy attendance at the Lodge meeting and Festive Board. Supplementing the Lodge Brethren were the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Worshipful Brother Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith and a Provincial team of Officers, which included W Bro Ben Kelly as Provincial Director of Ceremonies and W Bro Ian Syddall, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward. It was good to see W Bro Philip Daniels, the current WM of Humber Installed Masters 2494, who was not part of the Provincial team but attended as a visitor. W Bro Charles Alexander, the WM of Humber Lodge 57 and W Bro Martin Thompkins, the WM of Lord Bolton Lodge 3263, also attended as visitors.

The Lodge meeting was opened by Worshipful Master Chris LeFevre. Due to the continued indisposition of Junior Warden W Bro Mike Potts, I stood in as Junior Warden. 

The main business of the meeting was the presentation of a fifty year Masonic certificate to W Bro Andrew Peach. The presentation was conducted by the Deputy Grand Master in an informal and reassuring way. W Bro Peach was able to relax as the Deputy Grand Master asked him about his Masonic career, his upbringing, his work career, and Andrew's interests outside Freemasonry. Andrew's service to the Lodge both as a past Master and Lodge Charity Steward were particularly highlighted. Andrew has served the Lodge in many capacities and held many Offices in the Lodge. He commented that he particularly enjoyed being Inner Guard as he was able to set the standards for the evening within the Lodge. As an excellent and proud ritualist Andrew never let the Lodge down. The contribution which Andrew has made to Freemasonry not just in Andrew Marvell Lodge but also in other Lodges of which he is a member will be difficult to surpass. Andrew reflected on the changing nature of Freemasonry over fifty years and his belief that the future was bright for Freemasonry provided at the same time it maintained its traditional values. 

The presentation was warmly received by the Brethren. W Bro LeFevre thanked the Deputy Grand Master for the way in which the presentation had taken place.

The Lodge reports included the Treasurer's report from W Bro Colin Shields, who presented the 2022 Lodge accounts to the meeting. The accounts were duly adopted. As Charity Steward I outlined the support that I was later to propose should be given at the Lodge's Charity Night in September to the Hull and East Yorkshire Deaf Centre and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. A proposition to donate £250 to each charity was duly accepted.

In the greetings visitors congratulated W Bro Peach on his outstanding service to Freemasonry.

The Festive Board paid due reverence to W Bro Peach's achievements in Freemasonry. A set of crystal  glasses was presented to him by the Lodge in recognition of these achievements. Before giving a toast to Andrew W Bro Eddie Wildman delivered a superb oratory to the Brethren in which he encapsulated Andrew's work on behalf of the Lodge.

The response to the visitors toast was delivered by W Bro Alexander.

Everyone in attendance was privileged to witness a fine evening which was most thoroughly deserved by Andrew. 

[Photograph of Andrew in the WM's Chair in 2018, and shaking hands with the Deputy Provincial Grand Master by Richard Green.]

                                                                                                                                                   Malcolm Forbes - IPM

Through the Lodge Secretary, Andrew sent a message to all the Lodge members, reproduced below:

Dear Bro. Secretary,

Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to the Brethren of the Andrew Marvell Lodge for the gift of a very modern and beautiful glass decanter set, suitably engraved, presented to me to mark my 50 years in Freemasonry. This gift will form a lasting reminder to myself and family of my time as a member of the Andrew Marvell Lodge: it will, I have no doubt, be passed down to future generations of the Peach family.

Sincerely and fraternally,


[Some of Andrew's reflection on the changing times can be seen on the Members Page.]


Monday 13th February 2023:

First Degree Rehearsal

Unfortunately the WM was unable to attend the rehearsal at Beverley Road Masonic Hall. Nor was he the only absentee. Fortunately, some essential Brethren were there to rehearse the First Degree ceremony in the offing; the Junior Deacon, Chris Wright (his responsibility is to lead the Candidate through the ceremony) was on good form, and the newly installed Senior Warden, Tom Calkwell, was eager to discover the Andrerw Marvell method of doing things. John Towler kindly stepped in as Junior Warden, and Malcolm Forbes took the WM's Chair. Richard Green as DC also acted as the Inner Guard, and Colin Shields, the Lecture Master, patiently put the Brethren through their paces. Andrew Peach and I sat on the dais as Tutters, but in truth there was no need for tutting when everyone was trying so hard. It was a pleasure to see Ian Fuller - he'd been out on call in Scarborough but had hurried home and then on to the meeting without even taking time to change, bless him! He rattled the SD's box magnificently!

There is a world of difference between reading the ritual at home and performing it in Open Lodge. Difficult words, silently glossed over when skimming through the text suddenly become unpronouncable mouthfuls. There is a rhythm to ritual when delivered well - volume, tempo, tone of voice, these are all elements that improve with practice - and what better way to practise than in the company of like-minded Brethren experiencing the same issues? Hitherto unasked questions are addressed: "Should I stand up as soon as the WM calls my name? When should I salute? If I'm carrying a staff or a baton, should I salute? When should I bang the gavel?" The interaction between Brethren is important: "Should I stand immediately or wait for a nod? How do I get the Candidate from point A to point B? What do I do if he makes eye contact like a rabbit in the headlights - doesn't he know I'm as nervous as he is?"

The rehearsal Lodge, or the Lodge of Instruction is a useful tool to get to know about Masonry in a more informal setting. The Brethren can come casually dressed and are not obliged to wear ties. I was really envious of Tom who is recently back from the Costa Rica; I think he wore the gleaming white tee-shirt just to show off his brilliant suntan. Ian Fuller still had his woolly work-cap on.

It was good to be able to discover difference in ritual - not all Lodges, even those practising Humber ritual, are exactly the same. That's how the topic of the Garter came up (it's part of the explanation of the Candidate's apron) and I was pleased to be able to explain afterwards how this came to be used in Masonic Ritual. "You ought to write a nugget about it," Andrew told me. I agreed, and you'll find it on the nugget page. But I also told the Brethren I'd put a picture of them on today's website, and an exhortation to those that couldn't make it this time to try to attend the next rehearsal!

[L to R: John Towler, Chris Wright, Malcolm Forbes, Andrew Peach, Tom Calkwell, Colin Shields, Ian Fuller, Richard Green.]

Eddie Wildman, redundant tutter.

Friday 10th February 2023:

Worshipful Brother Barry Kensett PPGSwdB became a member of the Lodge in 1970 and is our oldest regular attender, well known for his ability to step into any role, for his amazing delivery of ritual, his fine singing voice and his good advice. He is a problem solver - and whether it is an intellectual conundrum, a  mechanical issue, something Masonic or some problem on the computer, Barry often finds himself the first port of call for advice. It surprised me to receive an email late one evening (or rather, early one morning) saying that he had been challenging the Artificial Intelligence currently in the  news to produce a Masonic Grace, and, later, to explain the Working Tools.

View the results on the Nuggets Page!



AVPWednesday 8th February 2023:

W Bro Andrew Peach PPJGW reflects on Freemasonry after fifty years in the Craft - see his comments on the Members Page.

Andrew is to receive his certificate later this month: watch this space!


Wednesday 8th February 2023: 

                                                              Visit to Minerva Lodge 250                                                   

 At the invitation of Minerva Lodge Secretary, Bro Tom Cawkwell, who is also Senior Warden in Andrew Marvell Lodge, I visited the Lodge in conjunction with W Bro Chris Lefevre, the current WM of Andrew Marvell Lodge, and W Bro Colin Shields, the Treasurer and Lodge Mentor of Andrew Marvell Lodge, and W Bro Eddie Wildman, the L5642 Organist. Bro Cawkwell had invited members of Andrew Marvell Lodge to the Minerva Lodge meeting with a view to claiming the Travelling Gavel held by Minerva Lodge.

Due to parking restrictions in and around Dagger Lane I arrived at 5.45 pm and received a warm welcome from W Bro David Green, the WM of Minerva Lodge and other Lodge Brethren.

The ceremony was to initiate Mr Richard Driver, who paid great attention to the proceedings. The Brethren performed admirably; Brother Sutherby, who had proposed the Candidate, delivered the address at the North East Corner of the Lodge.

At the Festive Board Bro Driver made an emotional response to the toast to the Candidate where it was clear how much the evening and the support he had received meant to him.

The response to the visitors toast was provided by W Bro Tyson who as Worshipful Master of Holderness Lodge laid claim to the Travelling Gavel. Under the rules accompanying this prestifious artifact W Bro Green rightfully recognised the claim of Holderness Lodge and the Travelling Gavel was transferred thereto. The progress of the Gavel may be seen on the Humber Lodge website.

Following the raffle and parish notes W Bro Green delivered the Tyler's toast.

All the visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the Minerva Lodge Brethren which made the evening special not only for Bro Driver but for all those Brethren who attended.

Malcolm Forbes, visiting IPM


 Monday 6th February 2023:

                                              Visit to Humber Installed Masters Installation 2494

I arrived at 5.30 p.m. to find a crowded reception area where Lodge Brethren and visitors gathered for pre-Installation refreshments of tea/coffee and cake and ale. The Installation of W Bro Philip Daniels was very well supported. Visitors included Master Masons who had yet to take a Craft Chair but are nevertheless welcome to attend the Lodge meeting. W Bro Daniels had strong representation from the Brethren of his mother Lodge, Technical Lodge 5666.

As a member of Andrew Marvell Lodge I was in the company of the current WM W Bro Chris LeFevre, who was part of the Provincial team, and W Bro Adrian Hayward, the Chaplain of Humber Installed Masters Lodge and Andrew Marvell Lodge.

W Bro Danny Betts opened the Lodge in due and antient form. The Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Dr David Chambers , the Deputy PGM WM Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith and the Assistant PGM W Bro Ian Johnson were escorted into the temple. The immediate past PGM W Bro Jeffrey Gillyon accompanied them in. 

Before the Installation took place two joining Brethren were successfully balloted for.

The Installation ceremony was choreographed and directed by Bro Craig Maurier. The Address to the Master was delivered faultlessly by Bro Eddie Wildman. Bro Maurier delivered the Address to the Wardens and Bro Terry Fisher delivered the Address to the Brethren. The Masonic Anthem was sung by Grand Lodge Officer Bro Richard Smedley.  WM Daniels injected both sincerity and humour when installed into the Master's Chair. 

Following the Installation of the WM and his Officers propositions for two new joining members were proposed and seconded.

Some 55 Brethren sat down for the Installation Festive Board. I sat with an enclave of Brethren from Thesaurus Lodge 3891 and Bros. Tim Healey and Peter Adamson. A full toast list of ten toasts was delivered. The warmth towards WM Daniels was apparent throughout. The PGM W Bro Chambers highlighted his plans and vision for the way forward for the Province. W Bro Daniels thanked the immediate Past Master W Bro Danny Betts for all the hard work he had put in during his year in the Chair. Bro John Chapman sang the Master's Song. The response to the visitors toast was given by W Bro Daniel Laughton, the WM of Technical Lodge.

After the parting toast from WM Daniels it was time to go home. We look forward to the next meeting of the Lodge in June which will feature a lecture from the newly installed Junior Warden Bro Hiten Thaker, who will talk about the Covid19 pandemic from his perspective as a medical practitioner.        

[Photograph of Neil Armstrong, SW; Philip Daniels, WM and Hiten Thaker, JW by Eddie Wildman.]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Malcolm Forbes,  Immediate Past Master


Friday 27th January 2023:

Myton Lodge 9808

"As we have an organist here," said the Worshipful Master, "we will sing the opening ode." This was at 11 o' clock am in the Myton Lodge 9808, a Daylight Lodge that meets at Beverley Road. The Master, W Bro Christopher Harland was on good form.

The name Myton, the Lodge summons states, originates from the conflation of the Old English "Mythe" (river junction) and "Tun" (farm) and the Myton Ward of the City of Kingston upon Hull is indeed at the confluence of the Hull and Humber. This Daylight Lodge meets four times a year and encourages the participation of family and friends, who attend lectures and talks in the building while the Lodge meeting is in progress, then enjoy the Festive Board with the Brethren.

The RWPGM is a member of the Lodge - he was the Junior Warden for the first part of the proceedings and stood to order with the rest of us when his Representative, W Bro David Burnett PJGD was announced by the Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Tony Calvert.

The previous meeting's minutes having been approved, the ceremony of Initiation ensued; the Lodge was raised to the Second Degree and the Wardens and DC remained in place as Installing Officers. Brother Derek William Edwards was duly installed according to ancient custom, being invested with an apron bearing the "level" emblems of an Installed Master and the collar of office bearing the Master's Square.

Meanwhile, downstairs, wives and friends were attending a lecture about Motor Neurone disease by Mr Colin Pearson who is an expert in the field and the Area Support Co-ordinater for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. This was particularly fitting as the new WM suffers from this debilitating condition.

The new Worshipful Master invested his Officers, reports were given, greetings from the RWPGM announced ("Normally," W Brother Burnett smiled, "I would give greetings from Right Worshipful Brother Doctor David Chambers, but as he is sitting right there I am sure he will greet you all without me") other Lodges tendered hearty greetings (Andrew Marvell Lodge was represented by WM Christopher Lefevre, W Bro Makcolm Forbes and myself) and the Lodge was closed in due form. I didn't stay for the Festive Board, but noticed the dining hall was well appointed, having to accommodate not only the Brethren but wives and guests. It was an enjoyable couple of hours and I felt virtuous missing lunch - I'd be eating that evening.

[Photograph of WM Derek William Edwards by W Bro Richard Heaton.]

Eddie Wildman, gatecrasher.

Addendum by Malcom Forbes

There were thirty-three diners at the buffet lunch which had been expertly prepared by chef Luke Pyrah. As there were non-Mason guests present only two toasts were delivered. Everyone present enjoyed the good company and delicious food. As Charity Steward of Andrew Marvell Lodge I spoke to the speaker Colin Pearson after the meal and informed him that I would like Andrew Marvell Lodge to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association at the Lodge's Charity Night on 22nd May by making a donation to the charity. Subsequently Colin has put me in touch with local fundraisers for the charity to make the necessary arrangements.

Daylight Lodges need supporting and Myton Lodge will continue to provide a first class experience. 

Malcolm Forbes, Charity Steward.


Thursday 26th January 2023:

Constitutional Lodge 294 Installation

W Bro Ian Johnson, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings remarked in his response to the fifth toast at the Festive Board what a pleasure it was to see the light blue aprons of those below the dais worn by the Worshipful Master and his principal officers; many Lodges are having to recycle established Provincial officers (with dark blue aprons) but the Constitutional Lodge 294 has no such issues; indeed, for one of the oldest Lodges in the Province (founded 1793) it has plenty of young men in the ranks. Pictured here are the Senior Warden, Bro Sam Atkin, the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Michael Anthony Noble - the levels on his apron replacing the rosettes of those Brethren who have not yet occupied the figurative Chair of King Solomon - and Bro Karl Douglas. W Bro Malcolm Forbes is a member of the Lodge; Eddie Wildman was the visiting organist.



Wednesday 25th January 2023:

Congratulations to our senior member Ian Blakey PPAGDC on his 90th birthday. Ian lives in Portugal and is unable to visit the Lodge, the last occasion was to celebrate his 50 years in Masonry a few years ago. Ian was our Master in 1978 and was a distinguished Hull businessman in his working days.


Barry Kensett, PPGSwdB



Monday 23rd January 2023:

Installation of the Andrew Marvell Master and his Officers

The term "installation" derives from Medieval Latin: the "in" bit is obvious - meaning "into"; the "stall" from "stallum" meaning "a place, or stall"; hence an installation is the act of placing someone in a designated position. The ecclesiastical use of the word carries the sense of a prebendary, canon or other official being formally conducted to a particular seat or "stall" (often with high sides to protect from draughts) and placed therein with due ceremony, and it is this writer's opinion that the Masonic use of the word derives from this. At an installation ceremony, the Master is "installed" into his seat in the East, and the other Officers are then conducted to their places after being invested ("clothed") with their collars of office.

There was a wonderful flow to the ceremony for the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, undoubtedly assisted by the many visitors. W Bro Malcolm Forbes opened the Lodge and W Bro Tony Calvert, Director of Ceremonies for W Bro David Burnett, Past Junior Grand Deacon, Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, announced that the latter was outside, and organised an escort of Provincial Officers. The minutes of the last regular meeting were confirmed and signed, and the ceremony proper began. The Entered Apprentice retired: (historically Masters of the Lodge are only declared in a Fellowcraft Lodge) and W Bro Christopher Bond Lefevre, who as a sprightly eighty-five-year-old has been through the Chair before elsewhere) recited his obligation in confident tones.

The Fellowcrafts were then invited to leave and W Bro Forbes opened the Lodge in the Third Degree. W Bro Andrew Peach PPJGW (who celebrates fifty years in Freemasonry next month) became the Installing Director of Ceremonies and controlled subsequent proceedings with enormous dignity and authority, dismissing those below the degree of Master Mason after ensuring they handed in their collars and paid their respects to the outgoing Master. The ceremony known as "the Inner Working" followed smoothly, and W Bro Forbes relinquished the Chair to his successor.)

The Lodge was lowered by stages to the First Degree, and W Bro Lefevre, having been entrusted with the Warrant, the By-laws and the Book of Constitutions, invested his Officers, welcoming Bro Tom Calkwell into the Principle Office of Senior Warden, his first Office in the Andrew Marvell Lodge. (Bro Tom is the Secretary of Minerva Lodge 250 and there were several Minerva Brethren amongst the visitors in support - likewise, there were half a dozen Humber 57 Brethren in attendance, supporting Malcolm Forbes who is the Charity Steward there.)

The address to the newly installed Master was given by W Br Richard Smedley, the address to the Wardens by me, and the address to the Brethren  by W Bro Adrian P K Hayward, whose reputation for delivering long and difficult ritual is well known. You could have heard a pin drop.

W Bro Barry Kensett PPGSwdB sang the Anthem beautifully (he had starred as Senior Warden in the Masonic Opera in 2008) and the Brethren joined in the chorus.

Chris Lefevre thanked the Installing Officers and Malcolm responded on their behalf; the new WM closed the Lodge in due form.

The Festive Board was a happy occasion, with the Representative of the RWPGM commending the website. the toasts and responses followed, with W Bro Richard Smedley singing the anthem in his rich baritone, and the Brethren left with happy smiles. Watch this space for closing comments from the WM and the IPM.

[Photographs by Eddie Wildman]

Eddie Wildman

Message to the Brethren from the Worshipful Master:

Last night, you may have heard me say that I was a ‘reluctant master’. This was because of my advancing years as at nearly eight-five I was beginning to doubt my own ability.
But my installation last night has really opened my eyes. Everyone has been saying what a great evening it was and as I looked round the temple and the festive board, seeing the obvious enjoyment on the faces of the Brethren, I am no longer ‘reluctant’ but fully rejuvenated and determined to make 2023 an enjoyable and happy year for all.
Sincere thanks to all Brethren, members and the vast number of visitors last night, for your kind words and support. I pledge renewed efforts to make Andrew Marvell Lodge the Lodge to be in!

W Bro Chris Lefevre ProvSGD, WM.


Message to the Brethren from the IPM:

past master's jewel forbes.jpgAll good things must inevitably come to an end and after three years as Worshipful Master I handed over the reins to Worshipful Brother Chris LeFevre at the Installation meeting on 23rd January 2023.

I can now pause to reflect on those three years. Through the thick and thin of the pandemic years the Lodge has come out the other side with a positive outlook for the future.

I can only thank the Lodge Officers who have multi-tasked in their duties to provide me with support. The Worshipful Master heads up a team and he can only be as good as that team.

Whilst there has been a turnover of members, the Lodge has welcomed five joining members and two new members since lockdown was lifted in 2021. A further candidate is due to be initiated.

As well as the formality of Lodge meetings there is the enjoyment of Festive Boards and Lodge social activities. Much of the fun of being Worshipful Master is in visiting other Lodges and making friends within the Masonic fellowship.

The Lodge is a family and briefly as head of that family I have been able to appreciate the hard work that members of that family have put in over the last three years.

Many thanks to you all!

Malcolm, IPM



Thursday 12th January 2023:

                                                                          Visit to Thesaurus Lodge 3891 


east, tollan, burnsAfter attending a short business meeting of Humber Chapter 57, Humber Chapter Companions were invited to attend the monthly meeting of Thesaurus Lodge. Thus, changing from Chapter regalia into Craft regalia, the Companions were admitted into the Lodge meeting soon after the meeting had been opened.

The Worshipful Master Steve Burns welcomed the visitors from Humber Chapter as they took their seats in the Lodge room. In attendance were Grand Lodge Officers W Bro Eddie Wildman and W Bro Richard Smedley. Also in attendance was the Assistant PGM, ian Johnson, a member of Thesaurus Lodge. In addition, W Bro Adrian Hayward, the Chaplain of Andrew Marvell Lodge, attended as Chaplain of Thesaurus Lodge.

The main business of the meeting was to initiate Mike Tollen. The initiation ceremony was conducted with professionalism. W Bro Richard East, who stood in as Junior Deacon, conducted the candidate with much authority throughout. Typical of the standards set W Bro Hayward delivered the Antient Charge with his customary elegance.

I stood in support as W Bro Charles Alexander, the newly installed WM of Humber Lodge 57 on his first visit as WM, gave greetings on behalf of Humber Lodge. I gave greetings on behalf of Andrew Marvell Lodge supported by W Bro Hayward and W Bro Wildman. All the visitors expressed their praise for a splendid first degree ceremony.

The well attended Festive Board was an undoubted success. I sat opposite W Bro Alexander and alongside Bro Ian Douglas, a member of Humber Lodge, and W Bro Stuart Gamble, a member of Thesaurus Lodge who had delivered the Address at the North East corner at short notice. A full toast list was delivered. The Entered Apprentice's Song was sung with much enthusiasm. Bro Tollen responded well to his toast as the new initiate. W Bro Ian Syddall, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and member of Humber Lodge, responded with much levity to the visitors toast.

I look forward to attending the next Lodge meeting of Thesaurus Lodge as a possible joining member. As always, the Lodge had made all the visitors thoroughly welcome throughout the evening.

[Photograph of Richard East, Mike Tollan and Stephen Burns by Richard Smedley.]

                                                                                                                                                        Malcolm Forbes - WM